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What is a 10L bottle blowing mold
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-20

China has formed a regional classification of machine models, some of which are mainly high-speed rotary mechanical structures, while others are mainly manual and medium to high-speed linear blow molding machines. Objectively speaking, domestic manufacturers of bottle blowing machines still lag behind their counterparts abroad, manifested in the precision of parts processing, production efficiency, and energy consumption of products. However, we believe that with the continuous rise of domestic plastic packaging machinery enterprises, more efficient and energy-efficient plastic packaging machinery will also emerge. In addition to strong foreign competitors, the strength of these domestic machinery enterprises has begun to be overlooked.

Our company has rich experience in designing and producing large-capacity PET blow molding machines. Due to space issues at this exhibition, fully automatic large-capacity PET machines cannot be displayed on site, but a new 10L dedicated semi-automatic blow molding machine will be displayed on site . This machine uses a high-pressure compensation system commonly used in fully automatic machines. For conventional designs, the new semi-automatic blow molding machine has a stronger instantaneous clamping force; for 2-cavity 10L PET bottles, this design can ensure a small surface of the bottle. Die line. At the same time, the system uses a 100% pneumatic mold clamping design. Compared with conventional hydraulic mold clamping, it has the characteristics of low energy loss and no leakage of hydraulic oil. At the same time, in view of the relatively low current semi-automatic output, the company simplified the machine control program steps by optimizing the blowing process.

Throughout domestic and foreign counterparts, the foreign packaging machinery industry attaches great importance to innovation and has strong development potential. Its manufacturing technology and design concepts are at the world level. In recent years, it has maintained a strong development momentum, especially in the areas of electrical automation control and machine research and development Basically, various independent innovation technologies appear every year. We must seize this development opportunity, always pay attention to industry trends, improve professional standards, accelerate the standardization and internationalization process of enterprises, and create global advanced brands. We will certainly extend our brand with more exquisite technology, stronger strength and better service. Together with friends from all walks of life, we will not only struggle for the development of national industry and the promotion of social prosperity!