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What are the more common types of PET bodies in blow molds
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-20

Working principle of one-shot full-automatic PET blow molding machine and the structural design features of the main components. The water heater host is generally installed on the top of the house or building, so the fixing of the water heater is a critical example, and it must be strictly operated. As a professional plastic bottle blowing machine factory, all parts use world-renowned brands, especially the electrical control system department. In order to be responsible to users and responsible for themselves, all products from related industrial control industries are used to ensure the quality of the equipment. In addition, its unique blockade design not only plays an important role in the operation of the equipment, but also the equipment system itself, which delays the service life of the equipment.
From PET blow molding machines to molds, today's equipment is produced on a large scale. To achieve personalized production of customized plastic bottles, it is clear that the refresh of equipment occupies a large department. Only the follow-up of equipment can Realization of cost control of personalized custom plastic bottles can also be truly market-oriented.
If the PET blow molding machine can be specially designed and manufactured, the overall structure can be more compact, the working cycle time can be expected to be shortened, and the production efficiency can be improved. The far-infrared lamp tube in the oven heats the preform radiantly. Because of the presence of the reflective sheet, both sides of the preform are heated at the same time, and the preform is rotated forward at the same time, which doubles the heat. The sent tool feels very applicable, there is no extra, and the quality is guaranteed. Completely meet the requirements of food and pharmaceutical gmp production. Check whether the gas and water pipelines are in place. The high-pressure gas source is> 32bar; the low-pressure gas source is> 6bar. The temperature and flow of the cooling water are between 0.1bar and 0.3bar. Turn on the heat. Bottle blowing system The bottle blowing system is mainly composed of stretch assembly, pre-blowing assembly, bottle blowing assembly and exhaust assembly. Created a brilliant burning machine.

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