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Eager tells you how the fully automatic blow molding machine works
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-09-14

Bottle blowing machines are mainly divided into three categories: extrusion bottle blowing machines, injection bottle blowing machines, and special structure bottle blowing machines. The processing technology is mainly divided into two kinds of one-step method and two-step method. One-step and two-step blow molding machine molding process, mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container molding. Both have their own characteristics and are widely used. Comparatively speaking, the two-step method is more suitable for centralized production of preforms and dispersed blown bottles; and the one-step method is more suitable for online production of beverage companies.

The blowing process of the bottle blowing machine mainly has 6 steps: 1. Put the heated plastic embryo into the mold first;

2. Use a clamping cylinder to tighten the mold;

3. Lock the mold with high pressure or mechanical structure;

4. Medium and high pressure pre-blowing, meanwhile, the action of stretching the cylinder makes the mold expand;

5. High-pressure air blowing, the preform is shaped according to the mold, and the pressure is maintained for a certain time;

6. Release the high pressure in the formed bottle and reset the cylinder-take the bottle.

Pneumatic equipment is used in many places during the operation of the blow molding machine; from unloading-locking-stretching-high-pressure blowing \ deflation-taking bottles, this series of actions are assisted by pneumatic equipment. For example, the high-pressure blowing and deflating circuit is stretched, and the gas path is divided into two parts, an atmospheric pressure part and a high pressure part.

In this system, the product can improve the system in the normal pressure part.

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