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Plastic mold factory teach you the little knowledge of identification
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-09-21

The injection mold factory teaches you the recognition:

In the increasingly widespread use of injection plastic parts, identifying plastics and selecting raw materials is the basis for processing injection parts. Here we introduce the names, common names, advantages, disadvantages, typical modification methods and applications of commonly used plastics for injection.

ABS (styrene-butadiene-propylene)

The raw material is ivory in color and its density is greater than 1, so it will sink to the bottom slowly when placed in water. ABS products will immediately turn white when exposed to external forces or twists; when tested by the combustion method, they will burn, the flame will be yellow, and the black smoke will float in the air with the flame.


1. The part is hard and tough, and has high impact resistance at low temperature.

2. The product is shiny, the size is stable, the mold surface has high replication ability, the surface is not easy to wear, and it has good electrical properties and fluidity.

3. High mechanical strength, strong impact ability, even at low temperature; good notch sensitivity, good creep resistance, low friction coefficient, and little change due to temperature and humidity.

4. Low water absorption, it is the best insulating material.


  1. It is not resistant to organic solvents and will be swelled and dissolved by polar solvents. It has poor weather resistance and will oxidize and decompose.

  2. Color quality is relatively sensitive to temperature.

  3. Modified material

  4. ABS + PC or SAN to increase heat distortion temperature;

5. The viscosity of the solution is large.

6. ABS + PVC, improve fire performance.

What is the use of:

Housings for electrical appliances, housings for daily necessities, furniture, sports equipment, etc.

GPPS (polystyrene)

The material itself is smooth and transparent, slowly sinking in water, and the part is fragile. When burning, the inner flame is yellow and the outer flame is black. It will drip and have a clear odor after the fire is extinguished.


1. Good optical performance, light transmittance is 88% -92%, refractive index is 1.59-1.60.

2. Good electrical performance, volume resistance is 1018 ohms.

3. Low specific heat, low melt viscosity, strong plasticizing ability, fast heating molding, short molding cycle, far difference between molding temperature and decomposition temperature, low crystallinity, and good dimensional stability.

4. It has good fluidity and thermal stability, small shrinkage and radiation resistance.

5. The plastic itself is smooth, transparent, and has good colorability, which is convenient to use.