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Creative fun for making plastic cap mould
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-11-14

Creative fun for making plastic cap mould

Bottle caps not only prevent water from leaking out of the bottle, they can also be made into a variety of craft products after being discarded. An electric drill, scissors, or lighter with a drill diameter of two millimeters (advocating the presence of an adult when a child starts manufacturing) craftsmanship doll information.

The next step is manual: first we need to collect the plastic bottle caps, and then clean the bottle caps with a soft brush. They should be soaked in a germicide to kill bacteria. Then design the doll, and then use the bottle cap to outline the shape. Generally speaking, the components of a doll should have arms, legs, body, neck and head. Of course you can also add a hat or shoes to it. Then use a small electric drill to punch holes in the center of each cap. The diameter of the hole must not be too large, otherwise the knot will easily slip out. Then put all the lids on with string.
The next step is to make the limbs: we need to prepare a 25 cm long string, one end is tied with a knot, and the other is passed through the bottle cap. On the arm part, the cap that is put on first should be opposite to the other caps and opposite to the opening, so as to ensure the beautiful appearance and compact structure. Put on a bottle cap and then tie a knot. At this time, the string should be left about 7 cm for connection with the body. Note: You can consider using a plastic rope. Because the end of the plastic rope can be heated to become lubricated, it can easily pass through the small hole in the bottle cap. Drill a hole on each side of the bottle cap on the shoulder for attaching to the arm. There are also two holes on the bottle cap under the body part, which are used to connect with the legs. After connecting the arms and legs, tie the knot. The rope should still be very long. Cut off the rest to avoid affecting the beauty. Note: Connecting limbs must be done before assembling the body, otherwise it will be difficult. Use another thread to pass through the bottle cap (the cap connected to the leg) at the lower part of the body. After knotting at one end, the string has 50 cm left. Then put the body, shoulders (connected to the arms), neck and head together in order, and tie the knots. Tighten up a bit and keep the structure compact. To prevent damage to children, the length of the rope left after passing through the head should not exceed 22 cm.

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