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Take you in detail what is a preform mold
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-10

In our daily life, preform molds are widely used in edible oil, beverage, candy, pharmaceutical and other packaging industries. The preform mold is a molding method in which the molten material is injected into the mold using an injection machine to make the mold, and then the mold is placed in the blow mold while it is hot, and the mold is blown by air. This kind of mold is mainly composed of three parts: casting system, molding parts and structural parts. Among them, the casting system and the molded part are the parts that are in direct contact with the plastic, which are the more complicated parts in the mold, the changes are large, and the processing precision is required. The powder or granular plastic is sent from the hopper of the injection machine into the heated barrel. After heating and melting and plasticizing, the material will be tightened and moved forward by the thrust of the plunger or screw, passing the nozzle at the front of the barrel to It is injected into the closed mold cavity at a relatively low speed very quickly; after a certain period of cooling and setting, the mold is opened to obtain the product. The preform largely determines the quality of plastic bottles, and the importance of plastic bottles is obvious. The functions of the injection molding machine mainly include: being able to set a mold of a given size, providing sufficient clamping force, operating according to the requirements of the cycle time, plasticizing sufficient materials, and the like.

In the face of many preform molds, how to choose:
1. Product weight: The requirements for hot runners of products with different weights are completely different.

2. Plastic raw materials: Different plastic raw materials have different processing variables, and those processing variables will directly affect the selection of the hot runner system.

3. Mold: What is the number of cavities? What is the nozzle spread distance? What materials are processed, etc. These are the mold elements related to the optional hot runner system.

4. Cycle cycle: Fast production cycle means the advancement of nozzle requirements. For example, nozzles need to transfer heat accurately and be durable.

5. Gate: As for the point gate, in order to adhere to the outstanding thermal balance in each molding cycle, the tip of the heat flow nozzle must have the function of melting materials and cooling and sealing. Valve gates use mechanical methods to seal the gates.