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Let's learn about the process of automatic blow molding machine together
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-28

A product made by technology is an embodiment of art. Some people use the excellent appearance of this product as a process aesthetics. In fact, the key to understanding the process aesthetics is to go through the entire process of manufacturing a product with a certain process machine. Even if you are not a professional mechanical manufacturing person, but just to understand from the aesthetic vision of an ordinary person, there are still more ordinary people in the world, and the audience for product design is still mainly the general public. Speaking of which, my understanding of process aesthetics was actually deeply shocked by the technological process aesthetics after personally understanding a fully automatic bottle blowing machine .
The automatic bottle blowing machine may be relatively unfamiliar to many people, but if you carefully understand it, you will understand the magical magical function. The main introduction is that the blowing in the automatic bottle blowing machine is actually worth blowing. The air blown by the motor in the machine squeezes the plastic solution, and then quickly cools to become a plastic product. In fact, this is still easier to say. After all, the principle is nothing more than a few simple words, but you yourself After understanding, we will not have this feeling. What we have personally seen is a fully automatic injection machine. Generally speaking, the blow molding machine is roughly divided into injection, extrusion and special three types of machines. Automatic injection bottle blowing machine is actually a more common one, of course, it is also widely used, because it is made of more general plastic, so this injection bottle blowing machine still looks a bit mini and petite and exquisite, of course it is Relatively speaking, it is still a machine, but it feels very exquisite. If you look at it from the outside, if the customer in need is outside Party, you will surely love this machine.
After talking about the appearance of the thick and beautiful automatic blow molding machine, let's take a look at the working condition of this blow molding machine. Only when this automatic blow molding machine is in operation, let us understand what is true Process aesthetics, first turned on the automatic blow molding machine, the noise control of the automatic blow molding machine was reduced to a small, comfortable appearance, and then the operation is very simple, it is almost intelligent operation, and the efficiency is surprisingly high, After a while, we saw the product from the injection blow molding machine. This product is some of the plastic products we usually use. These products have a particularly smooth appearance, and they are crystal clear, transparent, and some products need to be colored. It also looks bright and colorful, without giving people a sense of color, and the entire product has not been polished, but it appears to be flawless at all.
The fully automatic bottle blowing machine allows us to feel the power of scientific and technological aesthetics, and also allows us to understand how those plastic products we love in daily life come to us and integrate into our lives!