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Injection mold factory takes you to understand the design of the mold
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-24

I. Composition of the pouring system The general runner system (RunnerSystem), also known as the runner system, or the pouring system, is the necessary passage for the molten plastic self-ejector nozzle to the mold cavity. The runner system includes a primary runner, a sub-runner, and a gate.
1. The main runner is also called the main runner, sprue or vertical runner, which refers to the runner from the part where the injection nozzle of the injection machine contacts the die runner runner bushing to the runner. This part is the part that the molten plastic flows through after entering the mold.
2. The runner is also called a split runner or a secondary runner. With the mold design, it can be further divided into the first runner (SecondRunner) and the second runner (SecondaryRunner). The shunt channel is the transition area from the main flow channel to the gate, which can make the flow direction of the molten plastic obtain a steep transition. Regarding the multi-cavity mold, it has the function of uniformly distributing the plastic to each cavity.
3. The gate is also called the feed port, which is a narrow opening between the runner and the mold cavity, and it is also a relatively short and thin part. Its role is to use the shrinking flow surface to accelerate the plastic. The high shear rate can make the plastic excellent in fluidity (due to the shear thinning characteristics of the plastic). effect.
After the molding is completed, the gate is solidified and sealed to prevent the backflow of the plastic and prevent the cavity pressure from falling too fast, so that the molded product can shorten the depression. After molding, it is easy to cut off to separate the runner system and plastic parts.
4. Cold material well is also called cold material cavity. The intention is to store the colder plastic wavefront in the initial stage of filling and filling to prevent cold material from directly entering the mold cavity, affecting the filling quality or blocking the gate. The cold material well is generally set at the end of the main flow channel. When the length of the flow channel is long, a cold material well should also be set up at the end.
Second, the basic principles of the design of the gating system 1. Consideration of CavityLayout 1) Try to use BalancesLayout;
2) The mold cavity device and the opening of the gate strive to be symmetrical to avoid uneven loading of the mold to produce eccentric loading, and the problem of mold overflow occurs;
3) The mold cavity device is as compact as possible to reduce the mold size.

The above are some points summarized by the injection mold factory for the design of injection molds. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!