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Injection mold factory introduces the stages of mold opening
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-01-15

During the injection mold opening process. It mainly includes four stages: filling-holding pressure-cooling-demoulding. These four stages directly affect the quality of plastic parts. Good plastic parts are produced. The appearance of the plastic parts looks very smooth, and the edges of the products are free of burrs. Looks very energetic. However, poor plastic parts are produced with uneven coding, great deformation, and burrs.
In a brief overview, injection molding refers to the method of obtaining melted data by high-pressure injection into the cavity of the mold and cooling and solidification. This method is suitable for mass production of complex shapes and is one of the important processing methods. During the injection molding process, auxiliary machines such as dehumidifier dryers, mold temperature machines, and ice water machines are used.
The following is an injection mold factory to take everyone to understand that the injection molding process can be roughly divided into the following 4 stages1. Mold filling stage:
Mold filling is the first step in the production of all plastic molds. The injection time is calculated from the time when the injection mold is closed and the cavity is filled to about 95%. In the case of normal production of the mold, the shorter the plastic filling time, the higher the molding efficiency of the product. Density is also gradually added. During the mold holding process, the mold cavity is slowly filled with plastic, which causes the mold back pressure to gradually increase. In the process of holding pressure, the screw of the injection molding machine moves forward slowly, and the speed of the plastic is also relatively slow. The activity in this case is called holding pressure. During the mold holding pressure stage, the plastic is cooled, which results in accelerated curing, increased melt viscosity, and great resistance in the cavity. In the later stage of holding pressure, the data density continued to increase, and the plastic parts were also injection-molded until the gate solidified, and the holding pressure phase was not completed. At this moment, the cavity pressure reaches a high value.
3. Cooling stage In the forming of the mold, the design and arrangement of the cooling system is also very important. Because plastic products only need to wait for the injection mold to cool to a certain degree of rigidity, they can reduce the deformation of plastic products due to external forces when the product is demoulded, ensuring the appearance of the product. Demolding stage The demolding stage is the last step in the injection molding process. Demoulding has a very important effect on the product. Inappropriate demoulding methods may cause the product to be unevenly stressed when demoulded, and cause defects such as product deformation when ejected. There are two common demolding methods: stripper board demoulding and ejector bar demoulding. When planning the mold, we should choose the appropriate demolding method according to the structural characteristics of the product to ensure product quality.
Under normal circumstances, the mold opening cycle of the injection mold is composed of the mold closing time, the filling time, the pressure holding time, the cooling time and the demolding time, and the four are closely connected. If any of them are missing, it will result in waste.