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How to deal with the bottle blowing machine manufacturers
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-20

In recent years, with the widespread use of plastic containers, the market for blow molding machines is getting better and better. The use of blow molding machines has greatly improved the success rate of blow molding bottles and has greatly reduced human resources. But sometimes the bottle blowing machine manufacturers will fail to blow out good bottles. So how to solve these problems?

  1. If the bottle sticks to the bottom mold, it may be because the blow molding time is too short, the cooling time is not performed, or the mold closing and the bottom mold run time do not match. To deal with this phenomenon, take the extension of the blow molding time, check the cooling water and check Whether the machine is working properly.

  2. If the bottom of the bottle comes off, check the cause before taking countermeasures. If the bottom of the bottle falls off due to inappropriate heating of the bottom of the preform, the heating temperature of the preform needs to be adjusted relatively.
    The use of a bottle blowing machine can efficiently perform bottle blowing, reduce the adverse effects during the bottle blowing process, save time and increase production efficiency.

    Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer with a complete set of blow molding machine equipment. It is located in the coastal city of Huangyan, Zhejiang, China. After years of pioneering development, our factory has a number of blow molding machine technology patents. It has developed a high-speed, energy-saving, fully automatic blow molding machine with an output of more than 3,000 bottles per hour. It also leads the domestic production of single-cavity linear machines. The three major series currently produced, more than 20 varieties of bottle blowing machines sell well all over the country, and are exported to West Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries. "Quality guarantee, credit first" is our factory's business purpose. We strive to serve domestic and foreign merchants with advanced technology, excellent quality, preferential prices and thoughtful after-sales service.
    Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to the professional field of PET packaging. It mainly provides customers with the entire factory planning of PET packaging bottles, from preform design to blow molding. The products include PET automatic bottle blowing machines, needle valve preform molds, PET blow molds, etc., which has accumulated nearly 20 years. Design and manufacturing experience.