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Bottle blowing machine manufacturers introduce the advantages and disadvantages and uses of commonly used plastics
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-09-28

Bottle blowing machine manufacturers introduce the advantages and disadvantages and uses of commonly used plastics


1. Brittle, impact strength is 83.3-98 Pa, poor wear resistance results in high requirements for packaging, storage and transportation.

2. The forming process has high requirements, the aging phenomenon of the part is obvious, and it is highly sensitive to heat.

3. Poor acid resistance.

4. Low heat-resistant temperature, high temperature is 60-80 degrees, rigid material, large thermal expansion coefficient, poor thermal load.

5. Fragile, flammable, high static and easy to vacuum.


It can be used as a cleaning agent for molding machines without side effects. It can also be used to make toys, stationery, daily necessities and containers.

HIPS (modified polystyrene, unbreakable rubber)

HIPS is a modified product of GPPS added with rubber materials. Its purpose is to improve the impact strength of the material. The material is colorless and transparent, and can be colored according to demand.


1. Good fluidity and good impact strength.

2. Easy to process and color.


1. The content of rubber material in HIPS is 15%, which affects the fluidity to a certain extent, so the injection pressure and molding temperature should be slightly higher than GPPS, and the opening of the mold gate should be as reasonable as possible.

2. The material cools slowly. In addition to sufficient holding time and speed, the mold must have good heat exchange capabilities to reduce local shrinkage and deformation after exiting the mold.

3. Due to the inclusion of rubber molecules, the internal elasticity of the plastic causes the product edges to blush. The solution is to increase the mold temperature where the blush is located, but only if there is a reliable clamping force.

c. In actual production, most of them use HIPS and GPPS in a mixed way. Its characteristics: The product has good gloss, fresh color, good feel, and good rigidity. Modified HIPS accounts for 20% -70% of the total, and PS accounts for 80% -30%.


Mostly used in the production of toys, daily necessities, radio casings and TV casings.

PC (bulletproof rubber)

The raw materials are transparent and easy to color. The heat distortion temperature is 135-143 degrees. The product can burn, the flame is yellow, does not foam, and will drool. When the external fire source is detached, it will slowly extinguish.