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What are the systems for the maintenance of automatic hydraulic blow molding machines?
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-11-23

What is the system for the maintenance of the blow molding machine

What are the criteria for the maintenance of the blow molding machine? Strengthening the low maintenance of the bottle making machine is one of the necessary conditions to ensure normal production and extend the service life of the equipment. Correctly arranging equipment overhaul, middle repair and minor repair plans has extremely important implications for improving product quality. I. Overhaul The overhaul time should be performed within the time of overhaul of the glass furnace. Mainly for the complete and complete repair of the blow molding machine, all the parts that need to be replaced-the law will be replaced to prevent downtime in the production process. Generally, it is necessary to consider that the next overhaul can be used. The parts that are often changed during overhaul include: piston rod, piston, rack, gear, spline shaft, spline sleeve, hinge pumping, and various shaft sleeves. 2. Intermediate repair Generally, every six months, the main replacement and repair of the parts that affect the quality of blowing bottles, if the parts that do not affect the quality of blowing bottles can be used, try to spend more time to avoid waste. Frequently changed parts include: small shafts, small sets, seals, bottle clamps, etc. Third, the bottle blowing machine repairs the fault at any time, if it can be used to replace the product or the power is better to reduce downtime. In order to strengthen the management of the blow molding machine and improve the quality of maintenance, the blow molding machine should establish a running maintenance card, which includes: Equipment put into production time.

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