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Design process and technology of blow mold
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-11-09

Technical introduction of plastic in plastic bottle caps
What are the design requirements for plastics and plastic parts? The material is PC. The shrinkage is 5 to 7%. The material has good flexibility and high expansion rate. The parts are divided into upper and lower covers, which can be opened and closed multiple times. In order to reduce the number of molds and shorten the production cycle, the upper and lower covers adopt an integrated structure and are produced by a pair of molds.

Analysis of raw materials of plastic parts: The material of plastic parts is polycarbonate PC, which is a thermoplastic. The plastic has the following molding characteristics: amorphous material, high hygroscopicity, and difficult to decompose. Good toughness, using temperature -100 ~ 130 ℃. Brittle and low surface hardness. The fluidity is medium, and the overflow value is about 0.03mm, which is prone to defects such as poor filling, shrinkage, dents, and welding marks.

The design process of plastic bottle caps

CSD dental mouth
The internal pressure of the bottle can reach 5 bar. As the internal pressure increases, the sealing performance is better. All CSD teeth have at least two turns of thread and are provided with exhaust slots. When the rotation is less than half a turn, the gas can be discharged. At this time, there are 1.5 turns of the screw teeth that have not been withdrawn, which can ensure that the bottle cap will not be ejected by the internal pressure. Now commonly used tooth mouths are Alcoa, BPF and PCO. The caps are 0.5g lighter than the other two.
Water bottle mouth
Lightweighting is the main trend in the development of water bottles. The mouth is shorter and the corresponding bottle cap is shorter. Usually it is 2 to 3 thread threads, or it can be opened and closed in half a circle.
3. Hot-filled dental mouth
The tooth filling for hot filling is larger, so you can use a larger draw rod to circulate air, which can achieve better results. On the filling line, the tooth mouth must first be heated to about 75 ° C, close to its glass transition point. Therefore, the resin used as a thermos flask can increase its glass transition point by some methods. After filling and cooling, a negative vacuum will be generated. Since the amorphous PET may not be able to resist the pressure formed by the negative vacuum, it may fail. Therefore, hot-filled teeth are heavier than water bottles, and the thickness may reach 2.5mm. Another method is dental crystallization, but it is common only in Asia because patent rights are granted to only a small number of companies in North America.
Seal type
Monolithic seal
One-piece sealing refers to sealing with only one plastic molding, rather than sealing together with gaskets. In order to meet the requirements of dimensional tolerances, monolithic seals are usually obtained by injection molding rather than extrusion.
Standard seal
The standard seal is a commonly used type of seal. The sealing surface is that the outside diameter of the internal diameter barb of the dental mouth is larger than the internal diameter of the dental mouth. However, if used for CSD bottles, this seal will be pushed away by gas.

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