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What are the factors that affect the production efficiency of plastic blow molding machines?
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-14


Preforms, also called parisons, are formed by injection molding of PET pellets. It requires that the proportion of recovered materials cannot exceed 10%, and the number of withdrawals cannot exceed two times. Preforms after injection molding or preforms that are reused after heating must be cooled for more than 48 hours, and the preforms used must not be stored for more than 6 months. Different production dates, especially preforms that are too long, cannot be mixed. It is formed by the different types of preforms used in the preform, the proportion of the secondary material mixed in the preform, and the residual stress in the preform. These factors have a serious impact on the molding process of the bottle, and should be treated in detail according to the actual situation.

2. heating

The preform heating is completed by a heating furnace, which is manually set and automatically adjusted. The height of the heating furnace is preferably about 25mm, and about 19.6mm away from the transport wheel. The preform continuously works through the entire oven on the conveying wheel, so that the preform is heated more uniformly and can be better formed, which overcomes the shortcomings of the preform that stopped heating and was manually rolled over and unevenly heated. However, if the heating furnace is improperly adjusted, the wall thickness of the bottle blown by the plastic blow molding machine is unevenly spread (such as light up and down), the bottle mouth becomes larger than the standard, the hard neck is short, and even the torque of mechanical parts is short. The temperature in each area can be adjusted in detail according to the molding situation of the product, and the opening of the oven lamp must be considered together. In addition, the setting of the output power of the oven has a great influence on the heating of the preform, which controls the heat output of the entire oven. When the machine is not turned on for a long time, when it is turned on again, the initial output power should be set correspondingly higher, and then gradually reduced to normal conditions during normal production. The output power is generally about 80%, especially when the ambient temperature is below 5 ° C. , The effect is more obvious.

There is also a certain connection between the production process of the blowing bottle and the ambient temperature of the production. The ambient temperature is generally room temperature (about 22 ° C). If the temperature is too high, the product is prone to agglomeration; if the temperature is too low, the product function is unstable when the plastic bottle blowing machine is started. The detailed operation should be adjusted according to the actual situation and experience.


The role of pre-blowing during the blowing process is to make the preform take shape, and to increase its longitudinal strength by stretching it longitudinally by a stretching rod. The whole process is that the pre-blowing cam pushes the three-way valve to the pre-blowing position during the bottle blowing process, and is completed by the cooperation of the one-way valve. Pre-blow orientation, pressure and flow can all affect bottle quality.