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Injection mold factory tells you what to do before commissioning
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-01-24

Do you know what preparations generally need to be made before starting to commission an injection mold? If you don't understand, then come and learn with the injection mold factory !

Drawing check

The injection mold debugging must start preparation according to the mold debugging notice issued by the external cooperation part or production part. The preliminary is the review of the drawings. There are two drawings referred to here, one is the product drawing for mold debugging, and the other is the mold drawing. According to the product drawings, understand the requirements of the product, the dimensions, functions and appearance requirements, such as color, mottle, impurities, joints, depressions, etc. According to the mold drawing, we can know the equipment selected for mold debugging, whether the technical parameters are consistent with the mold requirements, and whether the things and accessories are complete. Pass the drawings to the next process after review.

Equipment inspection

Check the oil circuit, water circuit, circuit, and mechanical moving parts of the equipment used, and maintain the equipment as required; check the technical parameters of the equipment: the diameter of the positioning ring, the size of the nozzle sphere R, the nozzle aperture, the thickness of the small mold, and the thickness of the large mold , Mold moving stroke, tie rod distance, ejection method, etc. must meet the requirements of the mold test, make preparations before driving. The test equipment should be consistent with the machine in future production. This is because the technical parameters of the equipment are related to the technical standards of the test products. The fluctuation of temperature, the change in pressure, the time of the empty cycle, and the stability of the mechanical and hydraulic transmission will affect the quality of the product. The equipment with large clamping force is used to test the mold, and it is switched to the injection machine with small clamping force. The molding conditions may need to be changed.

Material preparation

Check whether the standards, models, trademarks, additives, color masterbatches, etc. of the processed plastic materials meet the requirements, and dry the materials with high humidity to determine the proportion.

In principle, the material specified in the drawing should be selected because the mold is designed based on the physical and mechanical properties of the material. It can also use materials with good fluidity, fast curing and good thermal stability. The structure of the experimental mold makes the distribution of each part, fillet, wall thickness and stiffener of the product truly appear, which can be used as a reference to modify the injection mold.

Mold inspection

Before the injection mold is installed on the injection machine, the mold should be inspected according to the mold drawing in order to find problems in time and repair the mold. According to the injection mold assembly drawing, the external dimensions of the mold, the dimensions of the positioning circle, the dimensions of the inlet of the main channel, the R dimensions of the spheres matched with the nozzles, the inlet and outlet of the cooling water, the height and width of the pressure plate pads, etc. The mold's pouring system, cavity, etc. need to open the mold for inspection. When the movable mold and the fixed mold of the mold are separated, attention should be paid to the direction marks to avoid making mistakes when closing.

Cooling water pipe or heating circuit

Connect the mold cooling water pipe or heating circuit for inspection. If the parting surface is hydraulic or motor, it should also be inspected separately.

Tools and accessories

The try-out stuff is a special tool for the try-out staff. It is contained in a portable stuff box and is easy to carry. Each commissioner should be equipped with one set. The things related to the test mold are mechanical handles, pads, thermometers for checking mold temperature, measuring card tools for checking mold dimensions, things for checking products, etc., and copper rods, copper sheets and sandpaper commonly used in operation. spare parts. The inspection of inserts is very important.The various inserts of the test mold include metal inserts, plastic inserts, rubber inserts, paper product inserts, and sizing parts to ensure that the products are not deformed after molding. Inspection to avoid damage to the mold and cause irreparable losses.