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Troubleshooting method for mineral water bottle blowing machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-03-20

The blow molding machine is the crystallization of the integration of mechanical, electrical control and hydraulic pressure. The electric is messy, the oil pressure pipeline is interspersed and established, the controller is various, and the fault phenomenon is also strange and different. There are countless components in a large blow molding machine. If one of the components is faulty, it will cause the abnormality of the blow molding machine, and the connection of the wire, a little negligence will cause problems, plus the large The blow molding machine is huge in volume and used under the conditions of a non-constant temperature blow molding workshop. The impact of the environment is easy to cause problems. For this reason, the problem of “difficult to maintain” for imported bottle blowing machines is in front of us.

How can you quickly find out the problems and dangers and remove them in time? I thought that first of all, I must have a high sense of responsibility; secondly, I must work hard to grasp the skills of NC hydraulics. After many years of maintenance of the blow molding machine, I thought that I should look more, ask more, remember more, think more and practice, and gradually improve my skill And maintenance skills, can adapt to various messy situations, solve difficult problems, and repair the blow molding machine.

Look more

1. Look at the electronic circuit materials of the blow molding machine

To read more, to understand the characteristics and functions of electronic circuit systems of various mineral water bottle blowing machines and programmable controllers of PC and PLC; to understand the alarm and cleaning methods of electronic circuit systems of bottle blowing machines; The meaning of bottle machine parameter setting; To understand the programming language of PC and PLC; To understand the action programming method of bottle blowing machine; To understand the operation of the control panel of the bottle blowing machine and the contents of various menus, often a lot of materials, how to look at ? I thought it was important to highlight the main points and understand the ins and outs. The main point is to understand the basic composition and structure of the controller of the blow molding machine and grasp the block diagram. Others can be “toured” and read through, but each part must be understood and grasped. Because the internal wiring diagram of the blow molding machine controller is quite messy, it is not provided by the manufacturer. There is no need to figure it out in detail. Points to understand the role of each part, the function of each board, where the interface goes, the meaning of LED lights, etc. Now there are many types of controllers for bottle blowing machines and they are updated quickly. Different manufacturers and different types are often very different. Understand their commonalities and characteristics.