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How to properly treat the problem of automatic bottle blowing machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-05-05

1. Think hard, open your horizons

Oftentimes it is not cool enough to repair the blow molding machine, it is not well analyzed, and the horns are sharp. We should list all the alarms and faults that have occurred. After going from the outside to the inside, remove the false truth, conduct inductive discrimination and selection, guess the possibility of a fault, and then clean up. "There is no doubt about the mountains and rivers, and there is another village in the dark and the bright," thinking more, giving you directions.

2. Think hard, know why

Often when we clean up the bottle blowing machine, sometimes we don't find the real cause of the problem, and then the problem continues.

3. Think about it, think about it first

The automatic bottle blowing machine carefully prepares the spare parts according to the frequency of the outbreak, the repeatability, and the life of the mechanical appliances. This is an important operation to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the blow molding machine. At the same time, with regard to some equipment, with the delay and elimination of time, it is no longer available or very expensive in the market. We must consider in advance and try our best to improve the external environment of the blow molding machine, and find solutions from several aspects such as temperature, dust, and humidity. , The use of power supply regulators, electrical cabinets, air conditioning, small houses and other measures to make the bottle blowing machine's faults greatly reduced.

Generally speaking, the circuit board of the bottle blowing machine has good reliability, and the fault rate is very low. Generally, when you check the bottle blowing machine, don't doubt the board first. It can be removed by repeated experiments such as removal, initialization, cold and hot start of the PLC. If it does prove to be a circuit board problem, correct it. These boards (usually without drawings) are expensive, so the quality of the circuit board of the blow molding machine is extremely important. Once the circuit board is damaged without spare parts and repaired for a while, it will inevitably shut down and seriously affect production. Sometimes the circuit board is just a very small problem. Just take a closer look and it is not difficult to find the problem. We have found many problems such as single capacitor leakage, board soldering, and short circuit. Some circuit board problems are messy, but it only takes time. It can still be repaired after checking with instruments; however, some circuit boards are in serious condition, especially large-scale integrated circuits, and it is difficult to repair. In addition, there are no spare parts for the original equipment. You can only buy spare boards in advance or send them for repair. There are great benefits to repairing the board yourself. On the one hand, it can save costs for the enterprise and deal with urgent needs; on the other hand, it can "dissect the sparrow" to be familiar with electronic circuits, and cultivate its own analytical judgment and ability to start is often beneficial to errors.

After years of repairing the blow molding machine, we also feel that imported blow molding machines, especially large blow molding machines, are not perfect, and there are many problems and shortcomings. After our study and deepening of the blow molding machine, we have found out the location of the problem, boldly improved some problems, and achieved good results.

Although the bottle blowing machine is messy and ever-changing, we only need to treat it carefully and cultivate a high-quality mechatronics repair team. After watching, asking, thinking, practicing, and gathering experiences, grasping the repair skills and understanding, we must be Relying on their own strength, they can repair, use and manage the blow molding machine.