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Compression caps for bottle cap molds lead the future development direction of cap making
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-05-24

At present, due to the fierce competition in the domestic beverage industry, many well-known enterprises are adopting new production processes and equipment, so that China's cap manufacturing machinery and plastic cap production technology level has reached the world advanced level. Such as SACMI, Alcoa, Husky, Demag, Nestal, Engel and other world-renowned cap-making machines have entered China .

Since the mid-1990s, plastic bottle caps have been used instead of aluminum caps for PET bottled beverages produced by The Coca-Cola Company, which pushed plastic anti-theft caps to the front desk of beverage packaging. Since then, domestic strong packaging companies and beverage manufacturers have introduced foreign equipment one after another and started the large-scale production and application of plastic anti-theft caps. At present, thin and easy-to-open plastic bottle cap packaging is spreading throughout the beverage market, which not only facilitates consumers, but also drives the rapid development of the beverage industry.

The compression molding process is very simple. Put a certain amount of material into the upper bottle cap mold and the lower mold, and the upper and lower molds are closed to complete the processing of the material, and then cooling and demoulding to complete the cap. The injection molding process is like making an injection. The material is pushed to the open space of the mold until the empty space is filled, then it is cooled and demoulded to complete the cover. At the same time, in the field of plastic bottle cap production, the battle over injection molding and compression molding has also begun. Undoubtedly, technological innovation is the driving force for development and improvement.

Compression molding is a new breakthrough in the production of plastic products in the past 10 years. It poses a powerful challenge to Injection Molding (IM), a century-old tradition. From the perspective of energy consumption, material consumption and environmental protection, in the beverage industry, compression molding caps are undoubtedly the development direction of present and future cap manufacturing methods.