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How should the blow molding machine manufacturer optimize the structure of the blow molding machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-06-24

Bottle blowing machine manufacturers mainly produce mineral water bottle blowing machines, oil bottle blowing machines, bottle blowing machines from one to two to eight out of hot filling bottle blowing machines. With the advancement of science and technology in recent years, traditional blowing Bottle machine manufacturers can not get used to the development needs of the mall. In the face of a new round of reshuffle, how should bottle blowing machine manufacturers optimize the machine from the structure of the bottle blowing machine, and then get used to the development of the bottle blowing machine.
Proposals for structural reform of new blow molding machine manufacturers:
1. Preform transfer structure: The unique preform mandrel transfers the structure to ensure that the preform does not have the danger of being inverted when heated.
2. High-speed operation mold clamping organization: The arc of the invention patent with independent intellectual property rights is a mold-locking structure, and a special mold-clamping pressurization system ensures high-speed operation without noise.
3. Hot-filled bottle molding organization: When blowing hot-filled bottles, a three-way circulating special planning distributor is used to evenly distribute different water / oil temperatures to different parts of the mold, so that the crystallinity of the bottle reaches a good effect.
4. Lightweight and energy-saving bottle blowing system: The combination of cold air and hot air is used to force the bottle mouth and the driving mandrel to cool during heating to achieve a good cooling method. The air induction device is selected in the heating box to overcome the convection of the air, to ensure the balance of the preform heating temperature, and to prevent the preform from overheating.
5. Energy-saving sealing machine blower combination valve: The pipeless connection of the control valve has a compact structure, simple commissioning and maintenance, reasonable pressure consumption for concave and convex pressure, and good energy consumption control. Simple and reliable manipulator: The cam-bar type manipulator for taking blanks and bottles is simple, excellent in coordination and low in production cost. Closed loop temperature control method; preform temperature compensation for preform temperature response; quickly reach the preform heating and stable state.
6. Clean and safe molding planning: The equipment uses a fully enclosed structure to ensure a clean molding environment, eliminate pollution from the outside of the molding bottle, and ensure the cleanliness of the medical infusion bottle molding. Perfect and reliable safety door system ensures the safety of the operator and the stability of the equipment for a long time.
Summary: The above is the suggestion of the bottle blowing machine manufacturer to upgrade and upgrade. While continuously improving its quality, it also needs to learn from its peers. Our company has rich experience in planning and development, and the new structure of the bottle blowing machine is well received by the mall.