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Talking about the after-sales service of bottle blowing machine manufacturers
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-06-25

In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy, the machinery manufacturing industry has also been developed by leaps and bounds. Under the demand for the development of downstream blow molding, China's bottle blowing machine manufacturers have also been launched. A group of domestically advanced bottle blowing machine manufacturers The blow molding machine is almost the same as that of foreign manufacturers. However, domestic blow molding machines still have a certain distance in brand building, especially in the after-sales service of blow molding machines. After all, domestic bottle blowing machine after-sales service problems are stagnation in work development. With the new economy, technological innovation, and the rapid development of the Internet, how should bottle blowing machine manufacturers jointly and powerfully deal with the problem of after-sales service of bottle blowing machines? ?
1. Ironing also needs to be hard, improve its quality, and fundamentally deal with bottle blower processing to reduce the rate of faults. Small established blow molding machine manufacturers, in particular, have insufficient blow molding machine technology and limited development capacity. The blow molding machine equipment produced cannot guarantee stable operation. In addition, for the blow molding machine manufacturers in the early stage of development, there is no sufficient funding to carry out Improving the after-sale service of the bottle blowing machine. For a bottle blowing machine manufacturer, in order to get a lot of development, it must also be able to continuously improve the after-sales service. For a person who wants to invest in setting up a plastic bottle factory, buy a cost-effective Blow molding machine with stable quality and timely service is an urgently needed work.
2. Cross-regional resource integration, manufacturers jointly deal with the after-sales problem of the blow molding machine. Today on the Internet, efficient communication can quickly help manufacturers and users communicate. The user of the bottle blowing machine showed a problem. The manufacturer was able to direct online video for online technical guidance, and then dealt with the phenomenon of dragging on, dragging on, dragging on. However, with regard to large-scale problems, customers could not go to the after-sales service. The problem can be dealt with early, and the loss is small for the enterprise. Can the blow molding machine manufacturer establish a cooperation mechanism and integrate the after-sales service resources? The various blow molding machine manufacturers have reached a common goal. , Further addressed the after-sales service of the blow molding machine.
The after-sales problem of bottle blowing machines has always been a common problem in the development of work, and it is also an issue that needs to be addressed urgently. Whether the blow molding machine manufacturers can integrate their resources and cross-region blow molding machine after-sales service, there is still a certain need to communicate. There are certain problems. The blow molding machine manufacturers can only improve by their own work constraints and their own technology. Slowly deal with the after-sales service of the blow molding machine.