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Analysis of the blowing process of the automatic blowing machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-08-09

Blow molding machines are generally divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic.
The fully automatic bottle blowing machine completes the two operations of bottle blowing together through the operation of the robotic hand, eliminating the process of manually putting the preheated preform (preform) into the blowing mold in the middle. Greatly speed up the production rate, of course, the price is higher than the semi-automatic.
I. Preheating Preform (preform) is irradiated with infrared high-temperature lamps to heat and soften the preform (preform) body of the preform (preform). In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the preform (embryo) mouth does not need to be heated Therefore, a certain cooling installation is required to perform the cooling operation.
2. Blow molding At this stage, the preforms (preforms) that have been preheated are placed in the blow molds that have been prepared, and the high-pressure inflation is carried out to blow the preforms (preforms) into the required bottles.
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