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What is the key to the development of blow molding machine manufacturers
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-08-29

According to relevant data calculations, about 70% of domestic bottle blowing machine manufacturers are small and medium-sized enterprises. The planning of these enterprises is generally relatively small, and the establishment time of some of them is also very short. These blow molding machine manufacturers are short-boarded in many aspects such as research and development and after-sales. The blow molding machine products they produce are also basically low-end. In the past, the domestic plastics industry showed extensive growth. The demand for blow molding machines is large, so some manufacturers of low-end blow molding machines have also gained development opportunities. However, nowadays, enterprises have begun to transform and upgrade in various ways. The automation requirements for bottle blowing machines are becoming higher and higher, and the market share of low-end and high-end bottle blowing machines is shrinking. This will have a great impact on low-end and middle-end blow molding machine manufacturers. Small and medium blow molding machine manufacturers face the risk of dishwashing.

With regard to small and medium-sized bottle blowing machines, although it is now under great pressure. However, the traditional empirical thinking must be changed. It is necessary to invest certain funds and manpower in the research and development of the blow molding machine, and strive to continuously improve the existing shortcomings of the blow molding machine equipment to better meet the changes in the mall. As for the blow molding machine manufacturers, the mall is constantly changing, but to gain a foothold in this mall, the only thing that is immutable is product innovation.

Recalling the development of China's mold industry in the past few years, the overall development level of our domestic mold industry is good, the level of enterprise processing has been greatly improved, and the ability to earn foreign exchange has been greatly enhanced. Show strong competitiveness in the mall. But together, domestic mold companies have also exposed some problems during the development process. First, the planning is small, the second is low technology, the third is a narrow scope, and the fourth is the impact on related occupations is small. Summarizing the above factors, the overall efficiency of domestic mold manufacturing has not yet exerted a good level, and its basic effect in the country's economy has not been significant. In order to reverse the above situation, domestic mold manufacturing also wants to exert greater influence in international shopping malls. It is necessary to strengthen the integration of full-vocational technology and resources.