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In-depth analysis of the development of automatic bottle blowing machines in China
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-10-14

With the rapid development of automatic bottle blowing machines, the production of bottle-grade PET resin in China has also developed rapidly.

China's polyester containers are now mainly limited to biaxially stretched polyester blow-molded bottles. China's biaxially stretched polyester blow-moulded bottles started late in the plastic packaging industry, but since the introduction of injection stretch-blown PET bottle production lines from Japan in the 1980s, they have achieved good results in beverage packaging represented by Coca-Cola. Subsequently, a large number of foreign advanced automatic blow molding machine injection stretch blow PET bottle production equipment were introduced. Together with the digestion of foreign advanced technology, we developed a simple two-step PET stretch process with independent intellectual property rights, suitable for China's national conditions. Stretch blow molding machine, which is used in conjunction with a universal injection machine, uses PET preforms made by the universal injection machine to blow PET biaxially stretched bottles.

Among the domestic two-step two-way stretch PET bottle blowing machines, some models can not only produce general two-way stretch bottles, but also heat-resistant two-way stretch PET bottles. The volume of products that can be produced basically covers the imports. The equipment can produce a wide range from tens of ml vials to 5 gallon vats. These simple blow molding machines not only have the advantages of low cost and strong maneuverability, but also can produce good quality and good practicability when properly controlled, so they have been widely recognized by the plastic processing industry at home and abroad. , Has been partially exported.

Although there is still a gap between these equipment and imported advanced equipment with low production efficiency, poor automation, and poor product dimensional accuracy, for some applications with particularly strict requirements (such as the packaging of Coca-Cola and Pepsi), the There are still some difficulties in application. In addition, the production equipment for multilayer co-blow-molded PET bottles is yet to be developed in China, but the development and utilization of domestic two-step two-way stretch PET bottle blowing machines has played a significant role in promoting the rapid development of PET bottle production .