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Plastic mold manufacturers analyze plastic molding methods and mold design
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-10-30

Plastic molds occupies a very important position in plastic processing. The mold design level and slow manufacturing capacity also reflect the industrial level of a country. In recent years, the output value and level of plastic molding molds have developed very quickly, with high efficiency, automation, large-scale, The share of fine, long-life molds is getting larger and larger. The following plastic mold manufacturers summarize the current status of mold development from mold design, processing methods, processing equipment, and surface treatment.

Plastic molding method and mold design

Gas-assisted molding, gas-assisted molding is not a new technology, but it has developed rapidly in recent years and some new methods have appeared. Liquefied gas assisted injection is to inject a pre-heated, particularly vaporizable liquid from a plastic melt into a spray. The liquid is heated in the mold cavity to be gasified and swelled to make it hollow, and the melt is pushed toward the mold. Outside the cavity, this method can be used for any thermoplastic. The vibratory gas assisted injection is to apply vibration energy to the plastic melt by oscillating the compressed gas of the product, so as to reach the microstructure of the control product and improve the function of the product. Some manufacturers convert the gas used in gas-assisted molding into thinner products. You can also produce large hollow products, which have higher quality and lower cost, but the key point is the leakage of water.

Push-pull forming mold, two or more channels are opened around the mold cavity, and are connected to two or more injection equipment or reciprocating pistons. After the injection is completed, the screw or piston of the injection equipment is solidified. The melt in the cavity is moved back and forth. This technology is called dynamic pressure holding technology. Its purpose is to avoid the problem of large shrinkage when forming thick products by traditional molding methods. It is a product with a long process ratio. More molds with multiple gates are used. However, multi-point injection will form a fusion joint. For some transparent products, it will affect its visual effect. Single-point injection is not easy to fill the cavity, so it can be used. High-pressure molding technology is used for molding. For example, the US Air Force, the cockpit of the F16 fighter is produced using this technology. Currently, this technology has been selected to produce PC car windshields. The injection pressure of high-pressure molding generally exceeds 200MPA, so the mold material must When choosing a high-strength steel with a high Young's modulus, the key to high-pressure molding is the control of the mold temperature. In addition, the exhaust of the mold cavity must be smooth. Otherwise, the high-speed injection will result in poor ventilation and scorch the plastic.