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Analysis of the process made by plastic mold manufacturers
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-06

Taizhou's plastic mold manufacturers have a good reputation and a very good reputation. Here is your aspirational purchase choice, and what you buy here is centering.

As the name suggests, the bottle blowing machine is a machine for producing plastic bottles. But don't look down on it, we must know that we can't live without plastic containers everywhere. The vast and unrestrained shopping malls have given us the vision of bottle blowing machines. In fact, not only factories that specialize in bottle production, but also many other companies that manufacture other products also need to buy bottle blowing machines to make packaging. Therefore, people have always asked me which bottle blowing machine manufacturer is good. I did not directly tell them the answer, but shared my own experience. I trust that through these techniques they can find More suitable for their own manufacturers.

When the equipment is initially blown, the high-pressure gas in the bottle enters the recovery gas storage pipe 6 through the check valve 12 through the exhaust pipe of the three-way valve 10, and the gas is recovered after a full circle of operation. The original solenoid valve 1 is used to close the original pull. Extend the low-pressure intake and pre-blow intake lines. At this time, the stretch cylinder and pre-blow gas are supplied by the recovery gas storage pipe. Due to the different volume of the produced bottles (0.6L, 1.25L, 2.0L, etc.), we can properly Open the exhaust valve 9 to discharge the remaining air volume from the muffler, and connect the balance between the recovered air volume and the consumed air volume. If there is still residual air in the recovered gas storage pipe, it should be discharged through the 15bar safety valve 4, which is safe. The valve must have a sufficient flow rate to allow the remaining gas to be discharged, and to prevent the manual solenoid valve from being opened when the bottle is blown, and the original low pressure and pre-blow lines are used to supply air.

The mold guard, or the mold protector, also known as the mold electronic eye, can effectively care for valuable molds. The mold care system of the blow molding machine is installed on the blow molding machine, which can directly check whether the product is passed, and check whether there is any residue before the mold is closed to prevent the mold from being damaged. When the blow molding machine is running, precious molds may be damaged due to plastic residue or misalignment of the slide block in each cycle to prevent these environments from occurring. Actively prevent mold closing and alarm when abnormalities occur.