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Talking about the technology of plastic bottle cap mold industry
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-13

Renewal of plastic bottle cap mold working technology

The work of plastic bottles is a relatively frequent technical update. Regarding new products, the timely grasp of new technologies is vital to the development of an enterprise. The emergence of hot-filled plastic bottles is also such an important effect. The following are some introductions and precautions about it.

The crystallization technology of hot-filled PET bottles is important. Now the new technology can now make the bottles tolerate a filling temperature of 93 ° C, although higher temperatures may not be necessary from a sterilization point of view. The future development trend of hot-filled bottles is mainly concentrated on reducing the weight and developing more bottle types.

The development of plastic bottles has gone through several processes including adding PEN and applying barrier coatings. At present, the more feasible solution is to use multi-layer bottle production technology, with EVOH or nylon as the barrier layer. However, due to factors such as cost, it is not clear when this market will start. PC is currently the main material for making 5 gallon drinking buckets. It has been reported that PET drinking buckets can also meet the quality requirements, but in a short period of time, PET has not yet replaced PCs.

As a newly developed product, BOPP bottles are mainly concentrated on some beverages that require high-temperature sterilization or pasteurization, such as herbal tea. Its main application areas are currently focused on large infusion products. PE containers are not widely used on beverage plastic bottle blowing machines, mainly concentrated on a small amount of large-capacity (such as 5 liters) bottled water.

PET bottles for carbonated beverages and bottled water have a small space to drop their weight. The future development is mainly due to the high-speed production equipment. With the advent of cold and aseptic filling of beverages, PET bottles are likely to make a comeback. At the same time, plastic bottle blowing machine manufacturers believe that the multi-layer bottle technology using recovered material as the core layer in the general PET bottle production is now properly mature, but because this technology requires high equipment, cost has become a major factor restricting development.