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What to consider when designing bottle cap molds
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-25

The design of the bottle cap mold needs to be based on the shape, accuracy, size, technical requirements and production batch of the plastic part. When designing the bottle cap mold, consider the following aspects:

a. Number of cavities and how to place them: Bottle caps are used as packaging containers for large-scale production. One mold and multiple cavities should be selected. Considering the clamping force, injection volume, and accuracy and economic factors of existing injection molding machines, 1 mold and 10 cavities, the cavity placement method is "figure".

b. Gating system design: According to the layout of the plastic part, the mold is designed as a three-plate type with point gates. The gate is set at the center of the top of the plastic part. The point gate can significantly advance the shear rate of the melt and make the melt viscosity. A large drop is conducive to mold filling, and PE, which is sensitive to shear rate, is particularly effective. And plastic parts as packaging containers need high appearance quality and small residual traces at the gates, which can ensure the surface quality of the plastic parts. The gates are automatically broken when demolding, which facilitates the automation of the product production process and advances the production power. And increased economic benefits. The non-equilibrium casting system is selected, and the cavity is compactly placed, which reduces the mold standard. In order to make the various cavities be filled evenly together, the selection method is manually adjusted to reach the balance of each cavity gate standard. Use cold pockets to store forward cold stock.

c. Cooling system design: The mold temperature adjustment system of the bottle cap mold directly affects the product quality and production power. For the cooling power of the forward cavity, a cooling circuit is selected. The inlet of one circuit is located near the outlet of the other circuit. According to the shape of the plastic part and the mold layout constraints, the diameter of the fixed mold cooling channel is φ12mm. . The diameter of the moving model core is relatively thin. A steel pipe cooling method is used. A soft copper core rod with good thermal conductivity is pressed in the center of the core, and one end of the core rod is extended into the cooling water hole to cool.