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What's wrong with the quality of bottle cap mold
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-09-19

During the processing of plastic bottle cap molds in the process of injection molds, due to molds, materials and equipment and other reasons, parts will appear flashing, lack of materials, etc., and then the failure rate of parts will be added. Next, let's take a look at some common quality analysis problems!

Problem 1: There is a shortage of materials. Insufficient material generally refers to the fact that during the processing of plastics, the cavity of the mold is not filled, and then the shape of the part does not match the design.

Equipment reason: The main reason for the lack of material is the nozzle part, which is usually blocked by the nozzle; the quickest way to deal with it is to arrange the nozzle. In addition, nozzle leakage can also cause material shortage, but this type of failure usually requires a new nozzle.

Mould cause: Generally due to the unclear air inside the mould. Because the accumulated air in the cavity cannot be exhausted, it will cause a lack of plastic filling amount, and then lead to material shortage. The processing method is to reduce the filling speed of the plastic or add corresponding vent holes in the mold.

Problem 2: When the problem of flash material is not dealt with in time, it will lead to the expansion of flash; and the flash material of the backlash of the insert and the pusher hole will cause the plastic part to be stuck on the mold and affect the parting.

Equipment reason: The clamping force of the machine itself is not enough, and then the mold cannot be properly pressed. Generally, when selecting the model of the injection molding machine, the rated clamping force of the machine is generally greater than the tension formed by the axial cross-sectional area of the injection molded part during the injection, otherwise it will cause demolding and flash.

Mould reason: Generally due to the irrationality of the mold design, this kind of problem is more difficult to deal with, and the mold needs to be redesigned.

Problem 3: Plastic shrinkage occurs. Shrinkage is the most common adverse phenomenon that occurs in the appearance of finished products, most of which occur in dry wall thickness.

Equipment reasons: The injection speed and dwell time of the injection molding machine are less, which makes the fluidity of plastic parts lack. As a result, the plastic parts that mainly enter the mold cavity cool faster, and there is no sufficient holding time to perform shrinkage. If this problem is to be addressed, a higher injection pressure must be used.

Reason for the mold: The air inside the mold of the plastic bottle cap is not clear, which will also cause the remaining air in the mold cavity to be removed. The treatment method is to protect the mold and add exhaust ports.