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Teach you how to choose a good quality preform mold
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-01-18

The preform mold is a molding method in which the molten material is injected into the mold by an injection machine, and then the preform is put into the blow mold while it is hot, and the air is used to inflate the preform. The powder or granular plastic is sent from the hopper of the injection machine into the heated barrel. After heating and melting and plasticizing, the material will be squeezed and moved forward by the thrust of the plunger or screw, passing the nozzle at the front of the barrel, It is injected into the closed mold cavity at a relatively low temperature at a rapid speed; after a certain period of cooling and setting, the mold is opened to obtain the product.

1. Product weight: The requirements for products with different weights on warm runners are completely different.

2. Plastic raw materials: Different plastic raw materials have different processing variables, and those processing variables will affect the choice of warm runner system.

3. Mold: What is the number of cavities? What is the nozzle spread distance? What kind of material is processed? Wait, these are the mold elements related to the optional warm runner system.

4. Cycle cycle: Fast production cycle means the improvement of nozzle requirements. For example, nozzles need to transfer heat accurately and be durable.

5. Gate: For point gate, in order to maintain good thermal balance in each molding cycle, the tip of its warm flow nozzle must have the function of melting materials and cooling and sealing. Valve gates use mechanical methods to seal the gates.

6. Nozzle: Generally speaking, the nozzle can be distinguished according to the size, temperature dispersion, physical characteristics, materials used (copper, steel, etc.), the ease of maintenance and the price.

7. Runner: The use of the warm runner system avoids the production of handles, which saves raw materials and saves the process of removing handles by manual, mechanical or other methods.

8. Temperature control: each nozzle must be connected with a relatively complicated temperature controller

9. Functions of injection molding machine: can install molds of a given size, provide satisfactory clamping force, operate according to cycle time requirements, plasticize satisfactory materials, etc.

10. Product design: Generally speaking, we all know that the product design is completed first, but the final molding is completed in the hot runner mold. In order to ensure a smooth product appearance and easy mold release when molding is completed, it is necessary to consider those elements in the product's structural design.