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Maintenance strategy of bottle blowing machine factory
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-11-26

Blow Molding Machine Maintenance and Maintenance Precautions

Blow molding machine, pet bottle blowing machine, bottle can not be taken out of the mold after blowing.
First, the mold should be opened, and the mold should be opened and closed manually. If it is normal, run it in the dry running state, if it is normal.
Please check your exhaust time setting. If the exhaust setting is normal and you only need to blow the bottle every time, then it can be determined that the exhaust valve is a problem. (There is also a phenomenon of this kind of problem is that the exhaust sound is relatively loud or there is an unclean sound). If you encounter a situation where many molds are produced normally and you can't open the mold, please check if there are screws in the clamping pin, and check if the clamping force is too large. Standard readjusted. Bottle blowing machine, pet bottle blowing machine, Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Bottle Blowing Machine Factory welcome new and old customers to visit us.

Blow molding machine market needs vary

Blow molding machine market needs are different In the past rapid development of plastic bottle packaging, the domestic bottle blowing machine industry is also rapidly rising. The manufacturing and R & D technology of the blow molding machine is continuously shrinking with the international advanced level. It should be said that the rapid development of bottle blowing machine enterprises cannot be separated from the rapid growth of the domestic economy in the past few decades.

At present, the domestic economic situation is facing structural adjustments and deepening reforms. The increase in plastic bottle packaging has also begun to slow. The demand for blow molding machines in stores has also begun to decline. Bottle blowing machine enterprises are facing different shopping environments and challenges from the past and need to be actively improved. First of all, for domestic and European and American plastic bottle production occupations, with the increase in labor costs and economic transformation and promotion, the demand of the two shopping malls will become more and more the same. The requirements for the automation of the blow molding machine will be higher and higher, and the production efficiency will be higher and higher. Therefore, in these two shopping malls, our blow molding machine enterprises should focus on the automatic production technology of blow molding machines. Secondly, with regard to domestic blow molding machine enterprises, in order to ensure the increase of the malls of the enterprises, it is necessary to go out and actively develop malls in some developing regions and regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Regarding this mall, in terms of the demand for blow molding machines, the focus will be on some factors such as the price of the blow molding machines. The low-end and high-end blow molding machine shopping malls should dig from these places.