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Tips for bottle blower manufacturers to troubleshoot machine problems
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-11-21

Tips for blow molding machine manufacturers to troubleshoot machine failures-think twice when troubleshooting blow molding machine failures

1. To think about it, to understand why, when we troubleshoot the blow molding machine, sometimes we do not find the real cause of the failure, and then the failure will continue to occur repeatedly.

2. Think hard, open your horizons

Oftentimes it is not cool enough to repair the blow molding machine, and it is not well analyzed, and the horns are sharp. We should list all the alarms and faults that have occurred. Through the table and the inside, remove the false and store the truth, carry out comprehensive judgment and screening, predict the greater possibility of failure, and then eliminate it.

3. To think about it, consider that according to the frequency, repeatability of the failure, and the life of the mechanical and electrical appliances, we must do a good job of spare parts. This is an important task to ensure continuous and normal operation of the blow molding machine. At the same time, for some devices, with the delay and elimination of time, they are no longer available on the market or are very expensive to purchase. You must consider them in advance and strive to improve the external environment of the blow molding machine. Measures, such as the installation of power supply voltage stabilizers, electrical cabinets, air conditioning, small houses and other measures, so that the failure of the bottle blowing machine is greatly reduced.
How to troubleshoot the blow molding machine

1. It is necessary to record the state of the hydraulic system. It is also necessary to record the pressure of various pressure gauges and the suction state of the solenoid valve when the hydraulic system is being processed or not processed. This is also very helpful for adjustment and judgment. The pressure directly affects the function of the blow molding machine. Whether the action is normal or not, it is important to record the static and dynamic stress.
2. Bring a notebook with you to record the problems that occur every day and how to clean them one by one. Human brain is easy to forget over a long period of time. "Good memory is worse than bad writing". Recording is of great benefit. We found that the bottle blowing machine often has problems that repeatedly occur, and these problems are always the same. As long as you check how to solve them, you can clean up the problems in a few minutes, which is fast and good.

3. To record the various parameters

Focus on recording the various parameters of the blow molding machine after adjustment, such as the pressure parameters of the injection molding machine, the speed parameters of the blow molding machine, the current, voltage, and speed of the motor of the blow molding machine. Also record the status of the relays, contactors, etc. in the electrical cabinet when they are energized and formally processed (pull on or off), and the status of all the input and output LEDs of the PC and PLC (bright, dark, flashing) or record the screen Whether the PC and PLC status (input bit) and (output bit) are 0 or 1 is recorded, so recording it will be of great benefit to analyze and judge the fault later.

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