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Quality, speed and operation adjustment of plastic bottle blowing machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-11-19

How to adjust the quality of the blow molding machine?

1 bottle mouth aggregate, increase the temperature of the first layer of light tube, or close the cooling water outlet valve of the small bottle mouth.

2. The bottle body is blue and stretched white, indicating that the temperature of the light box is low. Adjust the temperature of the corresponding tube according to the whitening position.
3. The bottle body is milky white, indicating that the temperature of the light box is too high. Adjust the temperature of the corresponding tube according to the whitening position.

4. The deformation of the bottle mouth indicates that the bottle mouth temperature is too high, and the first layer temperature is reduced.
5. The bottleneck becomes thicker and the pre-blowing delay time is too short. Increase the pre-blowing delay in units of 0.01S.

6. Navel eyes appear at the bottom of the bottle, the pre-blowing delay is too high, lowered to 0.01S units.

Production speed adjustment of blow molding machine

Slow down the speed by increasing the exhaust time and the full pressure time, and reduce the overall temperature of the light box. Each increase of 0.1S of the total temperature of the light box needs to be reduced by 1%. Increasing the speed is the opposite of reducing the speed. (Exhaust time is as low as 0.8S, below the 0.8S there will be bottle skipping due to untimely exhaust) No matter the speed increase and decrease, do not go too fast. Change the 0.3S each time and observe the bottle after a period of time. Speed, wait for the bottle quality to stabilize before adjusting the speed. Every time you adjust the speed, you must observe the bottle quality very carefully and adjust the temperature of the light box at any time. Every time the blowing cycle of the bottle is changed by 0.1S, the output of the bottle changes by about 50 per hour. The plastic bottle blowing machine should reasonably adjust the blowing speed according to the speed of the filling machine.

Blow Molding Machine Operation Manual: Operation

1. Check the water level of the cold water tank and turn on the mold cooling water pump.

2. Check the cold water tower water level and turn on the cooling water pump at the bottle mouth. 3. Turn on the high-pressure air compressor and turn on the dryer.
4. Check the machine's high-pressure pressure gauge, the pressure can reach 29 kg before turning on the machine. Turn on the automatic after the manual origin to see if the machine is operating normally. After everything is normal, press the "heating start" and "blow bottle" buttons.
5. After the light box reaches the set heating temperature, press the "embryo button".