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Plastic mold manufacturers talk about what needs to be considered when designing
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-17

As we all know, before the production of plastic molds, design is generally carried out first, so that we can modify the product specifications and sizes. So what factors do we need to pay attention to when designing plastic molds? In response to this problem, there are few introductions in the existing materials, so today's article will be taken by plastic mold manufacturers to understand what factors affect the design of plastic molds, I hope to help everyone.

The structural elements to be considered in plastic mold design are:

1. Parting surface, that is, the contact appearance of the concave mold and the convex mold when the plastic mold is closed. Its orientation and method are selected by the shape and appearance of the product, wall thickness, molding method, post-processing technology, mold type and Influence of factors such as structure, demolding method and molding machine structure.

2. Structural parts, that is, sliders, slanted tops, and straight top blocks of messy molds. The design of structural parts is very important. It is related to the life of plastic molds, processing cycle, cost, product quality, etc., so the design of complex mold center structure Designers have high requirements for comprehensive ability, and pursue simpler, more economical, and more economical design solutions as much as possible.

3. Mold accuracy, namely avoiding card, precise positioning, guide post, positioning pin, etc. The positioning system is related to product appearance quality, plastic mold quality and life. According to different mold structures, different positioning methods are selected. The positioning accuracy control is mainly based on processing. Inner mold positioning is mainly considered by the designer to design a more reasonable and easy to adjust positioning method.

4, the pouring system, that is, the injection channel from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity, including the main flow channel, the flow channel, the gate and the cold material cavity. In particular, the orientation of the gate should be selected so that the molten plastic fills the cavity in a good state of movement, and the solid runners and cold gate materials attached to the product are easy to eject from the plastic mold and remove it when the mold is opened ( Except for warm runner molds).

5. Plastic shrinkage and various factors affecting the accuracy of product dimensions, such as plastic mold manufacturing and assembly errors, mold wear, etc. In addition, when planning compression molds and injection molds, the matching of process and structural parameters of the molding machine should also be considered Computer-aided design skills have been widely used in plastic mold design.