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Failures and treatment methods in the blow mold
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-20

1. Action is not in place: Check to see if something is stuck. Adjust the gas flow valve.

2. Light box water channel high temperature alarm.
Treatment method: Disassemble the rubber pipe connected to the water channel, purge and clean the water channel with low pressure gas and alcohol.

3. Exhaust sound treatment method: check whether the high-pressure exhaust muffler is broken or falling off.
4. Action is stuck.
Solution: restart the machine.

5. Heterogeneous treatment of embryo hypothalamus: adjust the position of embryo bucket.
6. Can not handle the origin manually: Check whether the shifting one gripper, shifting two gripper and variable pitch positioning plate are locked in the corresponding position. If not, manually lock them to the corresponding position, and then the origin.
7. Gripper failure handling method: adjust the height of the sliding table, or the position of the gripper.

The above are the faults and treatment methods in the blow mold process.
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