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Maintenance and maintenance of automatic hydraulic bottle blowing machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-08-20

What are the specific maintenance and maintenance of automatic hydraulic blow molding machine ? Our company will take you to know:

1. Check the motor oil pump, piping, valves, etc. for abnormal noise.

2. Check the oil temperature. The temperature of the hydraulic oil is generally within the range of 35 ℃ -50 ℃ after the machine starts running for several hours.

The oil temperature must be stopped and cooled when it exceeds 60 ℃.

3. Check the fuel tank level.

4. Check the flow of cooling water and mold cooling medium.

5. Check if the system pressure is normal.

6. Inspect the extruder components, manifold components, and die for leaks.

7. Whether the clamping device is normal and reliable.

8. Check the motor oil pump, piping, and valve for oil and water leakage.

9. Check whether the guide rod of the closed cutter assembly is worn and whether the clearance between the front cutter and the rear cutter is appropriate.

Whether the cutter cooling effect is appropriate.

10. Inspect the pneumatic system for problems.

11. Check whether the central lubrication system has sufficient lubrication for each moving component.

12. Check if the safety limit switch is intact and triggers normally.