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Introduction to sawtooth and processing aids for bottle cap molds
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-10-29

Knowledge of processing aids for plastic screw caps

Ultra-high-molecular-weight solid particulate siloxane. In the processing of plastic screw bottle cap injection products, it can advance the processing activity of the resin, and the product can be quickly demolded in the high temperature and messy mold embryo to optimize the processing cycle. Decrease the surface friction coefficient, the smooth abrasion resistance of the forward product, the surface brightness and surface feel of the forward product, so that the bottle cap and the bottle are tight, but the open torque is not large, and the seal is good. It is suitable for liquid packaging. No gasket is required in the cover. Improve the uniformity of raw materials, improve deformation and shrinkage, and improve the folding resistance of products. Ultra high molecular weight additives do not affect the subsequent processes of your bottle caps such as spraying or printing.

Compared with traditional low molecular weight silicone oil and other products, ultra high molecular weight solid silicone will not reduce the mechanical properties of the product, effectively improve the rheological release of the screw cap, and the product appearance is not greasy, smooth, wear-resistant, High self-cleaning efficiency, good brightness and feel, effective for life. At the same time, granular products need only be mixed with your PP or PE and other raw materials to be directly injected. The product is easy to use and is not easy to be contaminated and does not pollute other substances, which effectively reduces the reject rate! Complete low cost, high quality and high output.

Introduction to the sawtooth of plastic bottle caps

Plastic bottle cap mold is our company's main business product. The number of early teeth of the bottle cap is 24, which was invented by William Pat at the end of the 19th century, because this kind of teeth is properly sealed. How much do you know about this tooth?
Toothed bottle caps continue to phase.In the 1930s, the manual capping method became an industrial cap.The 24-tooth cap was easy to block the hose of the automatic filling machine.After changing to a single gear, this environment is no longer Appeared. Because the tightness of the teeth is not better than 21 teeth, people choose 21 teeth. Now, the 21 teeth of beer bottle caps are manufactured according to the international unobstructed German standards. The requirements for bottle caps are tightness and bite. 21 teeth are These two require a good compromise.
(1) Multi-cavity points: There are mature technologies from 4 to 32 cavities. The simplified hot runner has reliable and low cost.
(2) High life: The cavity is made of high-quality mold steel, heat-treated HRC52, the key core can reach HRC60, and the mold guide column and guide bush are oil-free, non-polluting, and the service life can reach 10 million times.

(3) High efficiency: Simplified dispensing hot runner with no glue waste, the cycle reaches 5 seconds.

(4) Special design of the knife edge: The split ring knife edge adopts a split structure, the blade does not deform, the positioning is accurate and easy to replace, the mold has no pressure, and the service life is long.