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Causes of problems in the production of preform molds
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-03-08

At first, consumers only paid attention to the quality of the beverage itself, and now they are gradually paying attention to the quality of the outer packaging of the beverage and the preform mold. The quality of PET bottles depends on the quality of the supplied preforms. There are two types of preforms for injection molding, one is a long plastic mouth, and the other is a short plastic mouth. Domestic preform manufacturers often use short plastic mouth preforms, while abroad use long plastic mouth more. The preforms with long plastic mouth are cut off because of the plastic mouth on the bottom, so that the tension is evenly distributed during the blowing process, so the quality of the blown bottle will be better, and other cut parts can be recycled, which is conducive to saving raw material costs Today, with increasingly scarce oil resources, domestic manufacturers will be more inclined to preforms with long plastic mouths. The control of the quality of the preform during the production process depends on how well the preform is protected from being scratched during transport. At present, most domestic manufacturers use belt conveyors for bottle preform transportation, which is an ancient method of transportation. The disadvantages of this kind of shipping are as follows:

When the preform comes out of the injection molding machine, the temperature is between 45 ° C and 55 ° C. Dropping directly on the belt will cause a bump between the preforms.

Other preforms piled up on the belt in a disorderly manner, and the preforms were not very uniform when they cooled.

When the preform comes out of the injection molding machine, there may be a quality problem in the embryo injected into a certain cavity, and it is difficult to determine which cavity preform has a problem in a disorderly stacking.

When the injection molding machine uses a preform mold to inject a preform, a cavity may form a cavity, so that it is arranged in a disorderly manner. If it is still counted based on the number of injected cavities, the count will be inaccurate.

For belt conveyance, the quality control of preforms must be completed manually. The first is that the quality is difficult to control, and the second is that too many people are prone to pollution.

At present, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, China use bottle chains to transport bottle preforms in a certain order. Its production process is as follows:

A preform forming machine, a robotic arm, takes out all the glue mouth machine, delivers a bottle mouth knotting machine, a bottle mouth knotting machine, a knotting machine, and a detection machine and a counting packing device;

The advantages of this shipping method are as follows:

1. The robot takes out the preforms from the injection molding machine, and the position of each preform is numbered. The preform is taken out by a robot, instead of falling directly to prevent scratching. Because the orientation of each preform is numbered, when the injection molding machine has a problem with the injection mold, it can accurately find out which mold cavity has the problem.

2. The preform is transported by clamping the neck of the preform by a plate chain, so that the preform is transported in an orderly manner according to a certain order. In this way, the preforms are cooled uniformly and easy to count, and the count error per 10,000 preforms is within ± 5.

3. The entire production line is automated and equipped with a small number of personnel.