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Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers Analyze PLC Application Technology
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-04-17

Blow molding machine PLC application technology

With the development of the times, entering the brand-new industrial control field of the 21st century, more and more bottle blowing machine manufacturers , PLC is still able to guide the development of automatic bottle blowing machine, mainly due to the planning thinking and computer habit of choosing the computer With the rapid development of electronics business, PLC has been able to get used to different customer requirements in various fields. This is the vitality of PLC, with a very flexible brain and body parts that can change and update at any time.

First, PLC has the following significant features

1. Extremely high reliability

Because the environmental conditions of professional production are far worse than those of general-purpose computers, the PLC is required to have strong anti-interference ability, and it should be able to operate in harsh operating environments (such as high temperature, overvoltage, strong electromagnetic disturbance and high humidity) Etc.) Reliable operation for a long time.

2. Easy to use

(1) Convenient operation: PLC operation includes program input operation and program change operation. Most PLCs use a programmer for program input and change operations. The operation of changing the program can also be directly searched or sequenced according to the required address number, relay number or contact number, and then changed.

(2) Convenient programming: PLC has a variety of program control programming language such as ladder diagram, Boolean mnemonic, and utility table diagram.

(3) Convenient repair: When the system is faulty, after hardware and software self-diagnosis, the repairer can quickly find the fault according to the indication of the fault signal and the display of the fault code, or the display of the programmer and CRT screen Where it is, it saves time for quick troubleshooting and correction.

3. High flexibility

The flexibility of PLC is reflected in the following three aspects.

(1) Flexibility in programming: PLC uses programming languages such as ladder diagrams, Boolean mnemonics, function table diagrams, function module diagrams, etc. As long as one language is mastered, programming can be performed.

(2) Flexibility of expansion: The PLC expands continuously according to the scale of the application. It can not only add points by adding input and output cards, expand capacity and functions through expansion units, but also expand capacity by communicating with multiple PLCs. And function.

(3) Operational flexibility: Operational flexibility means that the planning workload is greatly reduced, the programming workload and the device construction workload are greatly reduced, the operation is very flexible and convenient, and monitoring and control become easy.

4. Mechatronics

PLC is a control device specially designed for industrial process control. Its volume has been greatly reduced, its functions have been continuously improved, and its anti-interference performance has been enhanced. Mechanical and electrical components are organically combined into one device, integrating the functions of external electronics and computers. Together.