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Common quality problems and reasons of automatic hydraulic blow molding machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-04-24

Common quality problems and reasons of automatic hydraulic bottle blowing machine:

1.1 Bottle mouth flash

Flange at the mouth of the bottle means that the thread at the mouth of the bottle may have a thin layer of protrusions at the mold closure. Generally, the mold is closed due to mold wear, which results in too much data for injection molding, showing flash phenomenon.

1.2 Poor clamping

Poor clamping includes preform clamping failure and blow molding clamping failure. The reason for its composition is similar to that of the bottle mouth flash because the mold is worn.

1.3 Dark ring

There is extra information on the shoulder of the bottle, and a ring is set there. The reason for its composition is generally due to uneven heating and rotation, and uneven stretching data during blow molding.

1.4 with impurities

There are impurities, black spots, foreign objects, unablated particles and so on in the bottle. The reason is generally that there is a problem with data processing before injection. For example, if the mold part is clean, there will be black spots on the bottle. Impure particles will cause the presence of foreign matter and incomplete ablation. The failure of the filter at the center distributor mouth will cause incompletely plasticized particles to enter the mold cavity, and then make the bottle inside. There are unablated particles.

1.5 color

The color problem is for colored bottles, such as green tea bottles. At this time, you need to pay attention to whether the color is normal. The depth of color has a certain scale, and it is mainly distinguished by eyes. Colors above or below the color scale are abnormal in color. The abnormal color is generally the abnormal operation of the masterbatch machine, and it may be abnormal when the screw rotates and mixes.

1.6 bottom deviation

Bottom deviation means that the injection point does not coincide with the center of the blow molding, making the thickness around the bottle uneven. There are many reasons. The common reasons are as follows: The first reason may be that the injection mold itself is not good, which makes the thickness of the preform that is injected uneven. The second possibility is that during the heating process, the preform is heated unevenly, and the stretching time is also uneven. The third is that the stretching rod is inclined downward during the blow molding process.

1.7 fluorescence

Fluorescence usually accompanies the bottom deviation, which means that the screen wall is too thin to investigate under the light, and the local area is white and shiny. This phenomenon becomes fluorescence. The reason for the fluorescence composition is similar to the bottom deviation. It often appears on the bottom and shoulders of the bottle, and sometimes the blowing pressure will form fluorescence.

1.8 bubbles

There are air bubbles in the bottle. The main reason is that the drying is not sufficient during the drying period, so that the plasticized material contains gas.

1.9 Other

The bottle sometimes becomes whitish, opaque, and the ring is lifted up. Generally, the composition of these defects is relatively inductive and uncommon. Briefly.