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Related knowledge link of automatic hydraulic bottle blowing machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-05-15

Related knowledge link of automatic hydraulic bottle blowing machine-Many beverages (including beer, sparkling wine, etc.) contain carbon dioxide co2, also called carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide dissolved in water is carbonic acid, which is extremely weak in acidity. Carbon dioxide is slightly soluble in water under conventional conditions, that is to say, it is rarely soluble. The production of these CO2s under pressure increases greatly. The pressure of beer is generally higher than that of soda drinks, so Beer bottles are pressure vessels with special specifications. No one has ever seen beer in plastic bottles. This is why beer bottles are more valuable than white wine bottles. Carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola use ordinary containers. Of course, they must be acceptable. pressure. What we call "shaking hard" actually changes the pressure equilibrium in the container, forming many carbon dioxide gas escapes. When a good bottle of beer is opened, foam will be sprayed, and the carbon dioxide gas will escape because of the change in pressure. Some people drove beer to see the spray and quickly covered it. This is risky. You can only hope that this beer bottle is fully qualified, or it may explode. Of course, an increase in temperature will also reduce the solubility of carbon dioxide gas, leading to gas evolution.

Because beer contains organic ingredients such as alcohol, and the plastic in the plastic bottle is an organic substance, these organic substances are harmful to the human body. According to similar compatibility guidelines, these organic substances will be dissolved in the beer. When people drink such beer, they will be toxic together Organic matter is absorbed into the body, thereby causing damage to the human body.

Because of the special characteristics of beer, beer bottles must be pressure-resistant and can be kept fresh. Therefore, beer bottles are generally dark bottles, and glass bottles have better freshness and pressure resistance than plastic bottles. , Now there are plastic bottles (pet beer bottles), not many because of skills. Of course, pet is a safe and non-toxic plastic product.