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Advantages of Fully Automatic Blow Molding Machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-06-13

There are many types of automatic blow molding machines. When we use them, we must pay attention to selecting the appropriate type for production. Below we come into contact with one of them, we can come to understand its characteristics.

Features of Fully Automatic Blow Molding Machine:

1. Each heating zone is provided with independent segmented temperature control; the orientation and interval of the lamps and reflectors in the heating zone can be adjusted according to the different shapes and sizes of the preform to achieve the ideal heating effect.

2. Use constant voltage temperature control method to control the heating of the preform by the infrared lamp to ensure that the preform heating is appropriate, accurate and stable, and is not affected by the input voltage change.

3. This automatic bottle blowing machine can be designed as a double-chamber double-stretching cylinder, a three-cavity three-stretching cylinder, a four-cavity four-stretching cylinder or a six-cavity six-stretching cylinder according to different product requirements. Scheduling uses a single-cavity single-stretching cylinder to meet different needs such as machine adjustment or test mode.

4. The control system is equipped with an automatic fault reporting function; when the operation is wrong or something goes wrong, the computer will show up and issue an alarm.

5. The mold change is convenient and quick. There is no need to adjust the thickness of the mold within the range of the corresponding mold.

6. This automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing 30ml-5 liter cold and hot filling plastic bottles or other plastic containers.

7. The production process is fully automated, and multiple machines can be combined together to form a fully automatic production line. The entire production process does not require humans to touch the preform or the product bottle.

The new air retraction system (ARS) is now used on all standard types of Bomu automatic blow molding machines, which can effectively reduce the consumption of compressed air by 40% and save power costs. Because of the effect of the recovery system, part of the high-pressure gas (40 bar) in the bottle blowing circuit can be reused in the pre-blowing bottle or servo circuit. The working pressure of the pre-blowing circuit can be dispatched by an electronic controller, and the servo circuit is controlled by a manual pressure reducing valve. If the pre-blow bottle or servo circuit does not need to recover the gas, the remaining high-pressure gas can also be used in other low-pressure equipment in the equipment. Get a great return on capital. In order to make customers' investment in fully automatic blow molding machines and factories can obtain a great return on investment (ROE), Bomu has formulated a general service plan for customers based on the principle of "product life cycle treatment".