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What are the precautions for the development of the preform mold industry
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-07-18

Recalling the development of China's preform mold industry over the past few years, the overall development level of our domestic preform mold making industry is outstanding, the company's processing level has been greatly improved, and the ability to earn foreign exchange has been greatly enhanced. , And has shown strong competitiveness in the international market. However, at the same time, domestic bottle preform mold companies also exposed some problems during the development process. First, the planning is relatively small, the second is the low technology, the third is the narrow scope, and the fourth is the impact on related industries is not great. Summarizing the above factors, the overall efficiency of domestic preform mold making has not yet exerted a good level, and its basic effect in the country's economy has not been significant. In order to change the above situation, domestic preform mold production must also be in the international market. To exert greater influence, we must strengthen the integration of technology and resources across the industry.

The first is to strengthen the division of labor and cooperation in the technical scope.

In recent years, although the export of domestic preform molds has increased, the level of international competition has improved. However, most of them are concentrated in the low-to-medium range. The technical level of preform molds is low and the added value is low. Some high-precision preform molds also rely on imports. Therefore, the domestic preform mold manufacturing work must be integrated in their respective areas. There is no need for a transitional competition. In terms of technology development, division of labor and cooperation should be implemented. Relevant industries and enterprises should look far ahead, dive deeper, pay close attention to research on new technologies and processes, and gradually form divisions, collaborations, multi-ranges, and comprehensive aspects. Research and development pattern, launching preform mold products with independent intellectual property rights, in the process of research, we must overcome closed door and single-handed approach, because under the conditions of global integration today, we can stand on the predecessors and peers We do some forward-looking research based on our accumulated experience without having to immerse ourselves in some technical work that others have already done, resulting in the waste of talent and resources.

The second is to accelerate the use of information technology

It is necessary to build a flexible and professional production platform, while continuously satisfying the personalized needs of customers, while improving its own planning and professional production level. Large-scale customization is a break from the traditional production planning. It overcomes the dilemma of single piece, small batch, and planning efficiency, and creates conditions for the improvement of the market competitiveness of China's preform molds. The successful use of ERP technology has produced significant results in some preform mold making enterprises, providing the possibility for large-scale customized production. ERP technology not only controls the production enterprises themselves, but also extends to customers and suppliers, which will likely promote the common development of preform mold related industries.

It is necessary to implement the whole-process supply chain system management method, and change the previous large and comprehensive production method. The traditional manufacturing methods of domestic preform mold companies are generally as large as cores and cavities, and as small as a screw, they have to plan production by themselves. The result is that the front is too long and the batch is too small, which wastes energy and resources and cannot guarantee that Each link can have a high-end professional level.