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Development of Fully Automatic Plastic Blow Molding Machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-08-08

good news! Fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine is made in China:
Domestic bottle blowing equipment has long relied on high-priced imports, and the history of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry is basically in the original manual bottle blowing will be rewritten.
Hollow blow molding machines are widely used by industries such as milk beverages, cold foods, medicines, health products, cosmetics, etc. However, for a long time, only manual mold clamping devices can be produced in China. Most small and medium-sized enterprises are in the original production state of blowing bottles. Manual clamping, mold clamping, Blowing, opening molds, and taking bottles require a large number of skilled workers, high cost, small output, and low pass rate. Some injection molding blow molding machines imported by some large enterprises for more than 1.3 million yuan are generally expensive for large-scale production and have little change in products due to the high cost of molds, which cannot meet the current needs of bottle specifications in China.
The automatic rotary plastic bottle blowing machine produced by our company has Chinese characteristics. It combines the organic combination of electric, pneumatic and mechanical transmission, and has the characteristics of advanced performance, simplicity, practicality, simple operation, and low price.
Compared with the production of manual mold clampers in the past, this kind of equipment takes the production of 100 ml "popsicle popsicle" bottles as an example. One machine uses only one common operator, reducing 4 people; the number of shifts produced in 8 hours reaches 25,000, an increase 15,000; the qualified rate of the products is over 98%. In addition, there have been outstanding changes in terms of raw material savings, customer satisfaction, employee labor intensity, and weight deviation. The overall economic benefits have doubled compared to manual bottle blowing in the past.
The successful development and automatic production of automatic rotary plastic bottle blowing machine is a breakthrough of new equipment in domestic packaging machinery in recent years. The price of this equipment plus extrusion unit is only 1/20 of that of imported equipment, and it is suitable for bottle shape changes. It is conducive to popularization and promote the mechanization of domestic packaging blow molding production as soon as possible.