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How to make bottle blowing machine manufacturers improve the competitiveness of the industry
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-08-21

How to be invincible among many blow molding machine manufacturers? The editor of this article has a few suggestions:

1. Technology is the first productive force, so we must actively introduce technology and enhance independent development.

The introduction of technology should be combined with technical research and experimental research, and arrange to absorb and absorb funds. Through technical research and experimental research, truly grasp foreign advanced technology and planning thinking, planning methods, testing methods, key planning data, and production techniques Gradually constitute independent development talents and improve innovation talents. The introduction of technology should also be combined with the technological improvement of the enterprise, and the corresponding technological transformation funds should be arranged so that the imported technology can quickly form a production talent and be transformed into a product to enter the market. We must try our best to expand the channels and adopt various methods to actively carry out international cooperation, including collaborative development, collaborative production, talent introduction, and dispatched talent training.

2. Quality is the basis of survival, so we must strengthen quality operations to ensure product quality improvement

Under the situation of the large-scale development of the bottle blowing machine industry, it is necessary to firmly grasp the link of product quality, as long as it can withstand the severe challenges from shopping malls after joining the World Trade Organization. The domestic blow molding machine should establish a product quality index system that is compatible with international standards or industrial booming Chinese standards, and follow the entire process of design, production, inspection, installation, commissioning, service, etc., and implement licenses for large-scale and broad-based products. For certificate production, enterprises must strengthen quality awareness and quality management. Relevant government departments should further support and improve the existing product quality supervision and inspection organization of bottle blowing machines, and gradually form a national-level product quality supervision and monitoring center. In addition to performing routine quality supervision operations, it is also responsible for the quality certification of export products.

3. Seeing the six roads, listening to all directions, so combining the characteristics of regional layout to promote overall coordination and development

In order to discuss the development strategy of the blow molding machine in accordance with the national conditions, it is necessary to study the application differences that affect the number and type of blow molding machines to develop countermeasures. From the perspective of demand, beverage production and packaging companies, edible oil companies, and pharmaceutical companies are the major demanders of bottles, and of course bottle making is inseparable from a bottle blowing machine. How to objectively describe the development trend of the blow molding machine vision, estimate the quantity and type of demand, and reasonably carry out the layout of the blow molding machine production enterprise, these must start from the demand, as long as the blow molding machine production enterprise is opened up