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Analysis of the core of the development of blow molding machine manufacturers
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-08-30

For the blow molding machine manufacturers , the two themes surrounding energy saving and consumption reduction and product innovation will make solid efforts to push forward and will soon pay off. Although China's bottle blowing machine industry faces many problems, it also faces huge domestic and foreign shopping malls and good development opportunities.

China's bottle blowing machine industry is currently close to world-renowned companies in terms of skill manufacturing, but there is still a certain distance between brand awareness and related innovation. For domestic blow molding machine companies, they were also faced with the pain of industrial transformation and promotion at that time. How to quickly complete the promotion needed to find a breakthrough point.

We thought that energy saving and consumption reduction was a very important breakthrough. At that time, energy had become a bottleneck for the development of the whole society. How can the bottle blowing machine company achieve the production without affecting the original bottle blowing efficiency and quality? It is useful to reduce the energy consumption of blowing bottles and complete energy saving and consumption reduction for the production of plastic bottle companies. This will win the favor of a large number of plastic bottle companies. Such a blowing machine will directly bring the real cost of plastic bottle companies. Increased savings and profits. Another breakthrough is, of course, the innovation of the blow molding machine products. According to the existing defects in the existing blow molding machines of the blow molding machine, after researching the shopping mall, understanding the needs of users, improving and innovating the products, becoming the industry leader, this is to improve Blow molding machine's own competitive useful methods.

It is recommended that the blow molding machine enterprises pay attention to the following points:

1. In terms of products, there are 5 categories of products developed in China's bottle blowing machinery: A. One-step bottle blowing machine; B. Five-gallon bottle blowing machine; C. Full automatic bottle blowing machine; D. Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine; E. Glass blowing machine and so on. Bottle blowing machine enterprises should actively research and develop related products in order to promote the development of the industry and then bring benefits.

2. On the enterprise side, pay close attention to the adjustment of product structure, and resolutely put an end to products with low productivity, high energy consumption and lagging products. Take the beverage packaging bottle industry as an example. In the next 3-5 years, beverage malls will develop low-sugar or sugar-free beverages while developing existing juice, tea, bottled drinking water, functional drinks, and carbonated beverages , And the development of natural and dairy-based health drinks. The development trend of products will further promote the development of packaging differentiation, such as PET aseptic cold filling packaging, HDPE (with barrier layer in the center) milk packaging, etc. The diversity of beverage product development will ultimately promote innovation in beverage packaging materials and structures. At that time, the enterprises that produce differentiated packaging products will benefit, and the demand will be expanded in the near future, which will bring benefits to the upstream enterprises, the manufacturers of blow molding machines.

Summarizing the above factors, the bottle blowing machine industry will be characterized by green environmental protection, profit compression, brand sales, and high quality and high energy. How to better develop the bottle blowing machine industry around the theme of "safety, health, and environmental protection" is an issue that enterprises need to consider urgently. Enterprises that deviate from the main stream direction will eventually be screened by the gradually sound market competition system. Relevant enterprises should actively follow the development of the mainstream of the industry, develop more products required by customers, and obtain rich profits.