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Blow molding machine factory takes everyone to understand the relevant knowledge of blow molding machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-09-04

The bottle blowing machine is simply a machine for blowing bottles, such as the daily use of milk bottles, beverage bottles, daily cooking oil, pesticide bottles and other packaging daily chemical bottles in our daily life. It is widely used in life. So how does the blow molding machine work? The blow molding machine factory combines the previous production experience to share your knowledge about the blow molding machine.

The blow molding machine is a blow molding process. The preforms made of plastic particles are heated and extruded and blow-molded. At present, they are mainly HDPE, LDPE, PP, PETG, and PVC two-step molding blow molding machines. The main common bottle blowing machines in China are two-step bottle blowing machines and one-step bottle blowing machines. The two-step bottle blowing machine has a relatively simple structure, is easy to use, and is widely used. At the same time, according to the different design of the power structure, the bottle blowing machine is divided into pneumatic bottle blowing machine and servo (electric) bottle blowing machine. The servo bottle blowing machine runs fast and has high output value.

Preform feeding system: The preform feeding system of the bottle blowing machine automatically feeds the preforms to the blow molding machine. The preforms are lifted from the lower part to the preforms via a conveyor belt and uploaded to the guide rails. Smooth out, the preform head is facing up, and the preform tail is facing down. The automatic feeding system designed by Leshan Blow Molding Machine has a returning device that can return irregular preforms to the automatic feeding bin to sort the blanks from the beginning. Orderly preforms use mechanical power from top to bottom and slide down to the designated positioning point. The preform gripper of the blow molding machine takes the preforms and flips them to the base of the transmission chain to complete the automatic feeding process.

Stepping system: The stepping system of the blow molding machine is a transmission system that links the various systems in the operation of the blow molding machine. It consists of a transmission chain and a preform base. The transmission chain loads the preform base that carries the preform to carry the preform from the preform. Start at the system and pass through the heating system, the blowing system to the bottle.

Heating system: The heating system of the blow molding machine mainly heats the preform, and the preform is blown and extruded when it is heated to a certain temperature. The heating system consists of a heating lamp, a reflector, a cooling system, and the like. The heating oven heats the preform through the infrared light tube, and the reflective sheet is reflected to make the two sides of the preform heated evenly. The preform automatically rotates, and the cooling system cools and cools the bottle mouth to prevent the preform from bulging.

Bottle blowing system: The bottle blowing system is used to blow preforms into bottles. It consists of stretching equipment and mold clamping equipment. The preblowing machine blows preforms through pre-blowing, high blowing, stretch blowing, and exhaust. Into bottles.