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What will happen to the market development of automatic blow molding machines
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-09-17

Fully automatic bottle blowing machine, as its name implies, is a bottle blowing machine, especially the vernacular explanation is a machine that blows plastic particles (softened into a liquid) or a completed bottle embryo into a bottle through a certain process. The blow molding machine is a device for making plastic particles into hollow containers through a blow molding process. Due to its characteristics of light weight, low price, low safety, convenient and fast, and small molding volume, once it is available, it will replace most of the manual blow molding. Bottles are used by most beverage companies.

In China's plastic machinery market, as an important processing equipment, the blow molding machine plays a pivotal effect in the processing of beverages, medicines, cosmetics, food and chemical products. The development of blow molding machine processing technology has always been the main point and hot topic of the development of the plastic processing industry. For a long time, the development of its processing technology has directly affected the development of the plastic processing industry.

Through decades of technology accumulation and precipitation, China's plastic bottle blowing machine technology development has made certain breakthroughs. With the development of the plastics processing industry to the limit, refinement, and high speed, the related plastic bottle blowing machines have also developed with low efficiency, residual power, and high energy consumption.

Intelligence and data

As a traditional industry, China's bottle blowing machine industry has been in a relatively slow development for a while. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, bottle blowing machine manufacturers need to incorporate this updated thinking into the invention and production of equipment. The intelligent and data-oriented trend of bottle blowing machine equipment is unstoppable.

Intelligentization is to make the bottle blowing machine more intelligently complete more and more work and reduce the investment of human resources; so that users of the bottle blowing machine equipment can get smaller and smaller returns on this difficult investment , More convenient for plastic bottle blowing process. Dataization also means that bottle blowing machine manufacturers need to invest more and more energy. Through the collection and analysis of terminal small data, the production of bottle blowing machines can constitute small data. Through the analysis of these data, guidance can be given on the production of the future blow molding machine, which has a strong effect on the future development and improvement of the blow molding machine.

Increasing technical level and flexibility

In addition to intelligence and dataization, the technical level of the blow molding machine and its ability to adapt to the production of increasingly smaller and lower-quality products are also a small direction for future development. Taking the pharmaceutical industry as an example, pharmaceutical products have lower requirements for their packaging products. For example, pharmaceutical products require their packaging products to be lightweight, low-strength, easy to break, moisture-proof, medical, and good sealing properties. Due to the late start of the bottle blowing machine and technical Citroen in developed western regions, the bottle blowing machine has relatively low reliability and flexibility.