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What are the precautions for the temperature of the automatic blow molding machine?
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-10-28

When operating the automatic blow molding machine for processing, it is necessary to pay attention to some temperature control to ensure that a suitable plastic bottle is manufactured.

(1) Automatic bottle blowing machine melting temperature TM: Regarding crystalline polymers, it refers to the temperature at which the three-dimensional long-distance ordered state of the macromolecular chain structure changes to disordered viscous fluid state, also known as the melting point. It is the lower limit of the processing temperature of the crystalline polymer.

(2) Glass transition temperature TG of automatic bottle blowing machine: Refers to the temperature at which amorphous polymers (including non-crystalline ones in crystalline polymers) change from the glassy state to the highly elastic state, or the former. It is the low temperature at which the macromolecular segments of the amorphous polymer move freely, and it is also the upper limit of the working temperature of the finished product. & gt; Aluminum plate spot welder

(3) Automatic bottle blowing machine inactivity temperature: high temperature that does not occur under certain pressure. A certain amount of plastic is taken into the barrel at the upper end of the die of the capillary rheometer, heated to a certain temperature, and a constant temperature of 10 MIN is applied, and then a constant pressure of 50MPA is applied. Increase the difficulty by 10 degrees, and then apply constant pressure of the same size after holding for 10 min. This continues until the melt stops flowing out of the die. This temperature is reduced by 10 degrees to be the inactive temperature of the material.

(4) Automatic bottle blowing machine activity temperature TF: refers to the temperature at which the amorphous polymer changes from a highly elastic state to a viscous flow state. It is the lower limit of the processing temperature of amorphous plastics.

(5) Decomposition temperature of automatic bottle blowing machine TD: refers to the polymer in viscous flow state. When the temperature further rises, the degradation of the molecular chain will be aggravated to the temperature when the polymer molecular chain is significantly degraded as the decomposition temperature .

The above is the relevant content of the automatic blow molding machine, I hope to help us.