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Why does the automatic bottle blowing machine leak?
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-11

Automatic blow molding machine is a kind of equipment for making plastic granules into hollow containers through a blow molding process. The more common types include hollow extrusion blow molding machines using PP and PE, and PET, PC or PP twice Injection stretch blow automatic bottle blowing machine, and newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding.

Analysis of Leakage Caused by Sealing of General Automatic Blow Molding Machine:

a. The pressure of the sealing cylinder is not enough. If you choose a low-pressure sealing cylinder, the low-pressure pressure can be maintained below 8 kg. The general water bottle is no problem. But it also depends on the high-pressure blowing pressure. If the high-pressure blowing pressure is too high, the sealing cylinder will be pressed down. If the high-pressure blowing is reduced, it can also be blown into a bottle test. If it is too small, the mold will be stretched and the seal will leak, which can increase the automatic clamping pressure.

b. Whether the sealant is damaged may be facing the seal, if it is violated, it will leak air.

c. Whether the sealing cylinder block or seal is damaged. If the seal is damaged, it can be directly displayed. Open the solenoid valve of the sealing cylinder.

d. Whether the sealing cylinder solenoid valve is leaking or is stuck or the exhaust may not be smooth. These are also the reasons that affect the sealing cylinder leakage.

In order to prevent the above-mentioned air leakage, you should know the correct operation process:

It is necessary to make the plastic raw material into a preform mold before blowing it. Today, environmentally friendly plastics based on PET are commonly used. Automatic bottle blowing machine is used to blow the liquid plastic and then use the wind blown by the machine to blow the plastic body into a certain shape of the mold cavity to make a product.

The tubular plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of a thermoplastic resin is placed in a split mold while it is hot (or heated to a softened state). After the mold is closed, compressed air is passed into the parison to blow the plastic parison. It swells and closely adheres to the inner wall of the mold. After cooling and demolding, various hollow products are obtained.