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Where to improve the blowing process of plastic bottle blowing machines
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-14

The first is that the working environment is very bad, and working around the equipment for a long time will harm the health of personnel.

Being in a blow molding workshop, I believe that your intuitive feeling must be that the noise is very loud, and then the temperature in the workshop will be very high. Whenever the noise level in the workshop is equivalent to standing around a heavy truck listening to the deflation action, the temperature is maintained above 30 degrees. The temperature in the cabin is forty to fifty degrees. In this environment, central air-conditioning has been installed in the workshop, and the cabin has been installed with sound insulation panels and other facilities. Protecting equipment can only reduce the damage to people, and with the continuous improvement of human knowledge, the direction will be changed to the process, which will improve the processing environment of the bottle.

The second is the high degree of automation and integration of the equipment. This has the advantage that the manufacturing process is fully completed in a relatively small space. Saves space, assists in manufacturing time, and more. However, many problems are also exposed. In the integration, the automatic control system of the equipment is very complicated. In order to ensure the harmonious progress of each step, many closed-loop control systems are required to fine-tune the entire processing process in real time, including the position (such as the conveyor belt) , Time, etc., many uses of the closed-loop system have added requirements for industrial computers. Although the separate electrical box at each step is used to handle the sub-merge bank control of the main electrical box at the same time, it is still technically still Is imperfect. Once a link presents a problem, the entire equipment must be discontinued. And the production environment is harsh, the electronic components and key mechanical components are simply damaged, and the equipment's downtime is relatively high. What's more important is that the replacement of many mechanical parts is more difficult. If subcontracted processing is required, the domestic level generally fails to meet the requirements, and overseas procurement has a long cycle and expensive costs. This virtually adds equipment operating costs. But careful analysis of the entire process, high automation can actually be avoided, and step by step can also achieve high efficiency.

The operator of the third device did not follow the increase in integration to fully realize unmanned production. The main problem is that the stability of the plastic bottle blowing machine equipment is not optimistic, requiring a bottle inspector to pay attention to the quality of the bottle. Bottle inspection work requires personnel to stay focused in the harsh environment and consumes a lot of energy. At the same time, there must be at least four people in a workshop to ensure that the equipment should be quickly repaired if there is a problem. The requirements for four maintenance personnel. First of all, these four people have at least one year of operating experience in the equipment, and are familiar with the relevant influences of various parameters of the equipment, and also need certain equipment maintenance capabilities.